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March 31, 2003
What Liberal Media (Alterman) (2)

One good turn....

Heck, Eric Alterman wrote a darned fine book(What Liberal Media?) and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, so why not go ahead and use up some electrons reviewing it, I ask myself. So what if it's going to take three hours to write up the review? I can be three hours older and not have done anything half as worthwhile, or....

Did I already do the obligatory explanation, the one about how you should always read Introductions because they're frequently the most interesting part of a book? Well, the introduction isn't the most interesting part of this book, so if you read the intro on-line, be assured that, entertaining as it was, the book itself is even more entertaining.

When you're done with the book go back to the website and read the appendices (and the errata where Alterman apologizes insufficiently for my tastes for a distracting number of typos in the book).

(He didn't mention it, so I will. This is what editors and proofreaders used to do. Presumably these are dead arts in the publishing world these days, based upon the growing numbers of typographical errors I'm finding in professionally published books.)

Tonight, I'll sit down and start writing a properly appreciative review.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:55 PM


The right has made huge in roads into the media these days.

I have not read Alterman's book. Don't care to either. We shall see if the new Gore backed leftist news network takes off.

It could if it was entertaining enough. Just find good performers for it. And a leftist radio network could work too. NPR is pretty left. But it is usually SO boring that I honestly don't want my tax dollars funding it.

At least I don't have to pay to listen to a fat douche like Rush or Michael (Weiner) Savage.

Dean in 2004! And how about a Dean-Clark ticket! That would rock to have Wesley Clark as Dean's VP!


Posted by: jamesr at December 16, 2003 05:24 PM