March 05, 2003
Thanks Thank you, Kevin for


Thank you, Kevin for posting the information on the Pledge of Allegiance that I was going to try and put together today.

For those not in the know, the words "under god" were added fairly recently (1954) in response to the lobbying of a private group and, I've always suspected, as a reaction to "godless communists."

There's nothing wrong with the pledge itself. Why don't they just take those two words out? The verse scans better without them, anyhow (as Kevin also points out).

Also, the war is on already, okay? Why does anyone doubt it?

Also, go read Hesiod and then go pitch a fit. Ashcroft (who has been accused of being a thug) hasn't won yet, you know. We do still have rights in this country. (But we won't for long if we don't exercise them.) If I lived in the area, I'd organize a boycott of the Mall until it changed it's policies and started respecting things like the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Drat! Why didn't anyone tell me I was supposed to stay home today to protest the war? I mean, thanks for organizing it, but if the word doesn't get out....

And thanks to Eric Alterman for pointing out an instance of John McLaughlin behaving like a dork. I always like to see the privileged getting their comeuppance when they forget that the world does not, in fact, revolve around their arrogant selves.

And, hey, I sent my e-mail to, did you? I congratulated the NBC Nightly News team on the addition of the Weiner filthmeister, a.k.a. Michael Savage (and what is it with the alias anyhow? Does it make him feel studly?) to their news team and asked them how it felt to be aligned with someone who was probably going to alienate about 70 percent of the population when they heard him. (In spite of the press that talk radio gets, it really is largely a bastion of right-wingnuts and most middle-of-the-road Americans have never heard of this guy.) I also told them I'd be turning their network off for as long as they continued to give hatemongering a forum.

But am I going to have to start boycotting Slate, as well? I mean, they are the same MSN as in MSNBC, right?

Hey! Lookee! More on the idea that this war is about the Euro and OPEC possibly dropping the almighty dollar! (Via the potentially boycotted Slate.)

Work now.

(P.S. Blogger is driving me nuts for the last couple of days. I'm never sure if posts are going to show up or not. Is it just me, or is everyone getting ominous errors about 'disco' when they hit the publish button?)

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