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March 01, 2003
Wouter Basson and biological warfare

"Basson headed apartheid South Africa's 1980s germ warfare program, dubbed Project Coast, which targeted enemies of apartheid. - Sapa"

"I did many things, but not one of them was illegal and not one of them led to the death or bodily harm of a single person...The U.S. and Britain do all these things on a daily basis. Whatever we did is peanuts by comparison." - Dr Wouter Basson, head of Project Coast
In other words, "I didn't do it and anyhow other people did worse things." Yeah, because that's a convincing defense.

Ramifications continue to come to light about others connected to Project Coast.

As far as Basson himself, word is that an appeal is being considered based on the judge's behavior during the original trial.

Unfortunately, indemnity has been denied to the three main witnesses who testified against Basson by the same judge whose, to say the least, unusual behavior prompted the appeal.

Apparently under some legality in that country, the original judge can, and has, prohibited any appeal on his "factual findings" but would allow an appeal on "certain legal points" if the Appeals Court grants the appeal.

I don't understand the nuances of all of this but certainly the accounts I've read of Basson's life and the judge's behavior seem to demand that a mistrial be declared and a new trial begun.

" The route followed by Judge Willie Hartzenberg in concluding that the evidence of 153 witnesses and thousands of pages of supporting documents was not enough to find Basson guilty on a single one of the 61 charges he faced...."

Interestingly, or appallingly, enough, Basson is trying to get a new career going as a...wait for it...motivational speaker. He's also threatening considering writing a novel about chemical warfare.

Also from 2002, there's a USofA connection, possibly a CIA connection.

"Dr. Larry Ford was, by most accounts, a mild-mannered gynecologist in Irvine, California, a respected physician with an interest in AIDS research. But after he hired a hitman to try to kill his business partner, and then committed suicide once police were closing in on him, Dr. Ford's double life was revealed.


In Dr. Ford's home and office, there was indication this gynecologist had some connections to both the army's biowarfare program and to the CIA. The CIA would not confirm this connection.

Irvine police, however, did confirm that they found evidence that Dr. Ford was working with the apartheid government in South Africa in the 1980s, helping them develop chemical and biological weapons to fight opponents of the white-ruled government. So Wallace traveled to South Africa to conduct the first-ever televised interview with the man who ran that apartheid-era program, Dr. Wouter Basson, whom the South African press has dubbed "Dr. Death.""

Still, I have to admit that the AIDS connection to Project Coast seems to have been merely a rumor. I haven't seen it mentioned again.

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