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February 19, 2003
The Terror of Duct Tape

Matthew Engel gets what appears to be his first introduction to this handy substance but doubts his survival chances if hermetically sealed into a small room with his entire family.

He has a point. My family survives because of the time between meetings and the geographical distance between homes. Sealed into a little room with them, as advised, for days on end...well, I'd rather take my chances that Ridge doesn't know terrorists from the usual brand of internet idiots.

Also. A state religion would be unconstitutional. Has anyone told the man that?

If not, they should, because that sort of thing seems to be what the Bushleaguer wants to create. With himself as Preacher-In-Chief, of course.

I'm tired of listening to him evangelize about how god has blessed us all out of one side of his mouth as he plans to go out and commit mass murder in the name of "peace" out of the other side. (A sizeable number of Christian churches in this country seem to feel the same way.)

And while we're talking about the constitution, what about that expansion of the Patriot Act, anyhow? Have you done anything to protest it? Shown support for the ACLU like so many others are doing?

No? What are you waiting for? I can promise you there are a lot of people, and local governments already fighting, so it's not like you're going to be alone.

Also. Do you think that war isn't just over the horizon and coming this way fast?

Wrong. The U.K. has advised their citizens to get the heck out of Iraq and, while they're at it, to leave neighboring Kuwait unless their presence there is "essential."

There's public speculation in the U.K. that war might be just "a fortnight away" which goes along with the 3-1/3-3 date we all heard a few months ago.

What's next?

Well, South Africa suspects that it might be, but I doubt it. There's plenty of sand in the sandboxes of the Middle East. I think we'll be there, making pre-emptive war to insure peace for a while. (At least until we get this Administration out of the White House, anyhow. Although I do pity the President who inherits this disaster.)

As the saying goes, regime change begins at home.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:06 AM