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February 18, 2003
Ducking the Duct Tape

Am I the only person in the country not currently in possession of duct tape? Am I the only person who mentally connected the sudden rush to share "information" by an Administration obsessed with keeping us in the dark with the scheduled war? (March 3. That's the date I've settled on. Except when I dither and go back to March 1. Say 11 days from now. Maybe 13.)

Are these alerts actually attempts at Fear Based Mind Control? I don't know...that sounds a bit over the top to me.

At the same time, if expressed less sensationally, if I ask myself whether or not our government would jump at the chance to reinforce the idea that we're all in danger and must fire before we're fired upon, would I believe that?

Of course I would. They want this war. For whatever reason, they're jonesing for it and they have to have it.

But then I went and read the "full story" that this site was linking to and I got the heebie-jeebies.

Extremism gives me hives, okay?

Speaking of The Progressive (I was, even if you weren't), take a look at Matthew Rothschild's A Historic Day column.

"This war is not to install democracy in Iraq, as if democracy were a spare part.

This war is not to help the people of Iraq. How could it be when so many may die in the war?

This war is not about Al Qaeda. For months, Bush has been trying to glue Osama's beard onto Saddam's chin, but it just won't stick."

And, while I'm still contemplating this war, let's take a look at what Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee thinks about it all. "War on Iraq will mean moral death for UN"

This is noteworthy because, if you keep reading the article, you get to see the party spinning the Prime Minister's words into a bland, lackluster echo of their real meaning.

"According to an official, the PM had merely "repeated to party MPs what was contained in the address of the President to Parliament" that "any action outside the framework of the UN against Iraq would be unfortunate for the international community and would erode the moral authority of the UN." "

When did it become a sin for politicians to believe something strongly and to have the courage to say so straight out?

Hey! What happened to my stat counter?

For anyone coming over from The Rittenhouse Review, I am not semi-anonymous!*

Okay, maybe I am, but I didn't realize it.

For the record, I live in Denver, CO, and at the risk of getting stalked by on-line psychos, am willing to state that my name is Anne Zook. I'm liberal but not registered with the Democratic party since my dissatisfaction with their watered-down, aimless agenda started long before Bush was gifted with the White House.

My hobbies are reading, writing, and complaining. I read mostly history, political science, philosophy, and current events but when life gets to be too much for me, I curl up with something from P.G. Wodehouse or E.F. Benson and forget about reality for a couple of hours.

I complain about anything that annoys me from one day to the next.

There. Now you know everything worth knowing about me.

* But I'm amazingly flattered by the mention from someone whose opinions I respect highly.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:46 AM