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February 10, 2003

I've been considering this-here bloggin' thing.

Specifically, I've been considering a previous entry about the pros and cons of blogging. After having posted that typical, emotion-driven response to the subject, it continued to percolate in my head.

Is there a end to all of this blogging, a raison d'Ítre for the hours we spend gathering, contemplating, and commenting on events?

For some bloggers there is, of course.

If you're Joshua Marshall, writing the things you can't say in a newspaper column, or Eric Alterman or someone else making a living from this, then there's a reason to continue.

If you've been blogging for a while and are getting wide recognition, if you're intelligent and articulate, then there's a point to keeping up with it all because people are listening.

What about the other 9,990 of us? Are we, in the end, just a bunch of me-too coat-tail clingers?

Should we leave the punditry and commentary to those who got here first? Should we read the BigBlogs, make our decisions based on their source material and their responses, then go out and take action instead of adding to the weight of opinion?

Is energy that should be put into activism being frivolled away in results-free ranting? Are we actually participating in a process, arrving in some way at a useful consensus, or are we just kicking metaphorical cats and cursing into thin air?

Maybe we should cap political commentary blogs. Pick the top 500 (see Blogstreet) and let them talk. The rest of us could spend our time reading, maybe commenting, and coming to conclusions. Even taking action, assuming that the energy generated by 500 blogs is enough to reach critical mass and inspire us all to stand up, walk outside, and raise our voices. (I'm a life-long procrastinator who hasn't yet reached the point where I'm inclined to do more than air my arrogance in a convenient forum.)

As it turns out, I still don't have an actual point, but I'm bothered by this subject, maybe more than I should be.

It's unarguable, though, that thought that isn't translated into action might as well not have existed at all. I shouldn't penalize the rest of the world for my own procrastination, but I can't be the only person around who means to take action and who wants to take action but who is somehow always a day or two late getting around to it.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:35 PM