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January 23, 2003
Nominees from Hell

That's what our current Administration specializes in.

Not content with nominating a man to a Women's Health panel who believes that women can solve their health problems through prayer, the jackass in the White House has now nominated Jerry Thacker (from the Bob Jones university, to no one's surprise) to the Presidential Advisory Committee on HIV and AIDS.

This is a man who calls AIDS "the gay plague", homosexuality a "deathstyle," and tells homosexuals that Christ can rescue them.

Racists, misogynists, gay-haters, bigots of the worst possible sort of coming out of the woodwork to be rewarded with plush positions in the government of "compassionate conservatism."

I'm simply astounded by the level of contempt that's shown by these inappropriate nominations. Contempt for the people of this country, for the spirit of the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

And I'm equally astounded that He. Keeps. Getting Away. With. It. Where is the mass public outcry against an Administration whose every move seems designed to oppress and subjugate some percentage of this population? Where is the public debate?

Well, it's right here on the internet, of course. But we're preaching to the converted when we blog these things. To reach John and Jane Q. Public, you have to hit the television and major print media again, and again, and again.

And that's not likely to happen, is it?

(P.S. I see now that Atrios covered this yesterday, which shows you how busy I've been that I didn't get to read it. As always, his comments are more compelling than mine.)

Good stuff

Eric Alterman is always worth reading, on any subject.

And I'm pleased to see debate, any kind of debate, over the state of the media in this country.

She does it again

Maureen Dowd takes another smack at the Bush family. What's come over this woman recently? Sanity?

Spin In Action

If you still doubt that the media, conservative or liberal, tends to "slant" things in a way that best suits them, check out Daily Kos's comparison of the Reuters Newswire and the Forbes.com coverage of "Boxgate," the already infamous "Made In the USA" photo op.

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