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December 17, 2002
Money for God

Money for God

The Bushleaguer's "faith-based initiative", a.k.a. "money for churches, didn't make it through Congress, so he's implemented it >via Executive Orders, proving, among other things, that he's a pig-headed jackass who is going to do any damned thing he wants to do without reference to the laws or the so-called Will of the People. (Well, at least not the Will of those who aren't a part of his voter base.)

By far the most contentious of the changes is Bush's executive order informing federal agencies that religious organizations refusing to hire people of different faiths can still win contracts. He did not have the authority, however, to make that policy clear in the federal grant-making process.


Bush's directive tells federal agencies to make sure religious groups are treated equally with others in all respects, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

I'm sorry, but in what way are the religious organizations being treated "equally" when they're given permission to discriminate that other potential government contractors aren't given? They're being treated preferentially, as is clear to everyone, but no one wants to say it.

It's worth noting that if you scroll down on that same page, the Bushleaguer's God wants us to be good to the poor here in the USofA but apparently doesn't have a problem with mass murder of non-Christians, since in addition to wanting to give government money to churches, Bush has already given substantial amounts of government money to landmine producers.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:10 PM