December 10, 2002
Let me get this straight

Let me get this straight

The Iraqis submitted 11,000+ pages of material on what, if any, weapons of mass destruction they possess or are developing.

Weapons inspectors were supposed to go through the document and remove any information about nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

The U.N. Security Council then goes through the edited document and decides if Iraq has or is developing any weapons of mass destruction.

It's not that I don't understand that there are other weapons of mass destruction than nuclear bombs, but I still see a fallacy in this.

Don't feed the jackals!

What I find more appalling than anything else is not the extremist right-wing movement to make Rush Limbaugh "mainstream", it's the tacit acquiescence of everyone else who has taken to discussing the man's raving lunacies with serious attention.

The thing about the Limbaughs of the world is that they thrive on controversy. If you stop arguing with them, they become boring. Most of his listeners don't tune in to hear the man's opinions, for pete's sake, they tune in in the hope of hearing an argument!

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