December 10, 2002
Back to the Bush Outsourcing

Back to the Bush

The Bushleaguer says he wants to outsource "non-critical" job functions that can be handled just as well by civilians. Unknown to many of us, he's already started down that path. Civilian "soldiers", as a matter of fact. And I'm just sure that DynCorp's substantial campaign donations had nothing, nothing, I tell you! to do with the $31,000,000.00 defense contract they were awarded.

GOP Senate control
The news that some folks think the GOP-Led Senate Won't Be a Pushover for Bush is good news. I just hope it proves to be true and I do think it will. While I do believe there's a moneyed elite in this country who are trying to lead us and pour economy in the way they think is best (Well, how else do you explain the man sitting in the White House?), I also believe that not every politician or wealthy corporation is a part of some kind of conspiracy. I think there are enough honest, or reasonably honest, people in Washington to keep Cheney, I mean Bush, under control.

Admittedly I'd feel a lot more sanguine if the press were more reliable in terms of actually covering what's going on instead of parroting press releases, but you don't get great investigative journalism in Washington any more. Journalist's are all too scared of losing their "access" to rock the boat very hard.

International Buney
For the past couple of days, I've been brooding over the idea that Bush/Cheney (maybe I should just start referring to the pair of them as Buney?) are trying to build a domestic "economic team" that reflects the supposed brilliance of their foreign affairs advisors.

I've been brooding over it because of an article I read by Alon Ben-Meir, Middle East Project director at the World Policy Institute, New York, and professor of International Relations at New York University. In this article, Mr. Ben-Meir was scathing about Buney's "road map to a Palestinian state" which he claimed had "become, as soon as it was made public, partly outdated, partly impractical and [...] will soon be partly irrelevant...."

Further, Ben-Meir denounced the plan, saying the, "document lacks decisive, bold steps and a coercive strategy to force a change in attitude in Israel, the Palestinian Authority[,] and such factions as Hamas and Islamic Jihad."

I'm failing to find the brilliance in this piece of foreign policy, okay?

The Push for War
I know it's been recommended elsewhere, repeatedly, but I still find
Anatol Lieven's The Push for War the most incisive deconstruction of the Administration's determination to make war that I've read so far.

Oiling Buney's Wheels
And while everyone reviles the Bushleaguer's record on the environment and his ties to big oil (and quite rightly, in both cases), I wish we were all talking about the reason why these ties stay so tight, which is Cheney's long history of associating with oil companies with lousy track records on the environment and, not incidentally, human rights. The thing is, I'm not sure the BushBoy is the kind to stay bought, once you've paid his price, but I think Cheney probably is. He's got the face of a fanatic, anyhow, although I realize that's not a good measure of character.

For those few who might be wondering, I found this article while searching for on-line articles about Cheney's involvement with "COMPASS", the Committee to Preserve American Security and Sovereignty.

That's all for now. I'm brooding over term limits, but I don't have anything concrete to say about them yet.

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