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December 08, 2002
Oh!, Waiter! One Order of Crow (Greenfield)

Oh!, Waiter! One Order of Crow! Inside the Strangest Presidential Election in American History -- by Jeff Greenfield

The charm of Election Month 2000 hasn't faded for some of us.

While I'd never put on the brakes and stare ghoulishly at an automobile accident, I must admit that I watched the unfolding train wreck of the 2000 elections with avid fascination. I don't suppose anyone has ever seen such a polished group of professionals come unglued so spectacularly. And that applies to the media and the candidates.

Reading Greenfield's book is like being invited backstage to watch the drama in person. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats come off unscathed, and that's ass it should be since both parties behaved with the grace and style of a group of pre-schoolers in the weeks following election night. They deserve scathing.

Greenfield starts off by explaining how it's all Newt Gringrich's fault, which is okay with me, and moves quickly from there to President Clinton's decision on 11/14/95 to open his pants instead of the pizza box. The world would be a simpler place today if the President's zipper had gotten stuck, but it didn't and in 2000, we were still hearing the echoes.

From the prologue to the last chapter, this is a fascinating read. The writing is fresh and clear and I knew more about who runs our elections, and how, by the time I'd finished than I would have believed possible.

Posted by AnneZook at 05:54 PM