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November 15, 2002

When the Republicans say they stand for smaller government, what they mean is they favor putting government jobs out for bid so that some government departments are actually controlled by private industry and consequently not subject to the kind of scrutiny and oversight that civil service jobs are.

I wouldn't care quite as much if I thought it was really about "lawn mowing and making eyeglasses" but we all know it won't end there. If "paycheck printing" for its employees isn't considered "government business," then what other government functions might they decide would be better off outsourced?

Most IRS work is just accounting, after all. Maybe Washington will outsource tax collection to Arthur Andersen. I'm sure there are remnants of the former accounting giant still around, ready to be picked up and used by someone for a new scam...I mean contract.

"This administration is selling the federal government at bargain basement prices to their corporate friends, who then make campaign contributions back," Mr. Harnage said. "This is not about saving money, it's about moving money to the private sector."

Another point is that I can already hear the Bushleaguer spinning this as 850,000 new jobs! for the American people! all the while trying to pretend that he's not throwing the 850,000 people currently doing those jobs onto the unemployment line.

Read my previous entry about the power struggle for policy control in Washington.

Think about Congress getting ready to give the White House the power to hire, fire, and relocate people within the huge, new Homeland Security Department, which won't fall under Civil Service rules.

If the Bushleaguer cans 850,000 union employees (devotees of Big Business aren't usually Labor fans, so he doesn’t mind doing that) and creates a new department of 120,000 employees that aren't union, and that he has an unprecedented amount of power over, what does that do to the balance of power in Washington?

Are you listening? Are you paying attention? Are you at all able to see where this will inevitably lead?

Posted by AnneZook at 10:52 AM