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November 11, 2002
Campaign Promise Countdown Lemme see,

Lemme see, what did the GOP promise us besides a couple more years of laughing at Bushisms?

1. Blow Up Iraq
2. "Reform" Social Security
3. Make Temporary $1.35 Trillion Tax Cut permanent!
4. MORE Tax cuts! Permanent Repeal of Estate Tax!
5. MORE Tax cuts! Down With Capital Gains!
6. MORE Tax cuts! Tax Relief for businesses!
7. MORE Tax cuts! Increase Tax Breaks for Investors!
8. SPEND! Increase Defense Spending!
9. Do something about that deficit. Maybe issue a memo prohibiting paper memos. Cut Federal spending anyhow.

Now that the election is safely behind them, I see that the Republicans are saying, quite apologetically, that they don't think they can do anything about that Social Security issue until after the 2004 elections.

Anyhow. Out of what I see as the nine paybacks the Republicans promised to deliver if elected, one of them has gone down for the count six days after the election.

Oh, wait. Looks like a couple more things might be in jeopardy as well.

Like making that big tax cut permanent. The effort is now being described as a "largely political push" which sounds to me like they'll hope to lose in a way they can blame on the Dems.

And, we're told, "it is all but certain they will not pursue a capital gains tax cut.

Okay, three out of nine. That's 1/3, you know. One third of their campaign issues trashed less than a week after the election.

What's left is "a stimulus package tied to economic recovery that could include an immediate increase of the child tax credit, a rise in contribution limits for retirement savings accounts and an expansion of tax breaks for business investment."

I dunno what a "stimulus program tied to economic recovery" is supposed to mean.

An increase in the child tax credit is good for poor people although "could include" means all of these are speculative.

Upping the limit on your 401k is good for rich folks who have a lot of money to shelter...I mean save.

Tax breaks for business investment are the same way. You know a lot of middle-income or lower people who are concerned about how big of a tax break they can get by dumping ten or fifteen million into a business investment?

Me, neither.

Presumably the child tax credit thing is the carrot to lure the donkeys to bite on the entire package.

(There was no way to resist, sorry.)

In other thoughts....

Honestly, I do wonder how they think they're going to pay for their war, okay? The bills for Afghanistan are still coming in and they've already squandered their safety net. Even backing down on their campaign promises isn't going to turn the deficit into a surplus.

Wars are expensive.

There's the staff, and getting good people is almost impossible any more, and then there's a dozen different kinds of guns they all insist on having and ammunition is just a scary price these days and even if you win, which you can't count on, there's all of those redecorating costs afterwards, not to mention pensioning off an entire nation whose economy, such as it was, you've trashed.

I wonder if anyone has thought of just giving the guy a Laser Tag franchise for Christmas? Maybe he could work off his aggressions or his manhood issues or whatever that way?

Posted by AnneZook at 04:21 PM