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October 21, 2002
Canadian deported to Syria The

Canadian deported to Syria

The USofA federal government has gone mad, that's the only explanation.

A Canadian citizen, traveling on a Canadian passport, changing planes in New York gets pulled out of his plane, interrogated, and deported to Syria? What the hell? I'm sorry, but not even at the height of post 9/11 hysteria would this have been acceptable. On September 26, 2002, it's completely out of line. If they suspected the guy of being a terrorist, then they should have turned him over to the Canadian government. There is no way that sending him to Syria was justified. If he was a terrorist, I have complete faith in Canada's ability to deal with him.

"The US, however, does not appear to be taking the protest all that seriously."

I'm just saying. Some days it's almost embarrassing to be associated with our government.

"The US won't share with Canadian officials any evidence that Mr Arar has engaged in terrorist activities."

Really embarrassing.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:01 AM