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October 09, 2002
Just the facts

I have long thought that the Congressional Record, that preservation of the words of our representatives for immortality, needed a serious overhaul. I've never liked the fact that folks were allowed to edit, delete, or insert remarks not actually made, you know, in Congress.

In light of current events, I don't think it's too much to ask that the people who are supposed to be representing us actually attend sessions and listen to each other talk. I suggest that the CR process be altered so that instead of allowing those guys to edit their remarks, or insert the text of stirring speeches they'd have made if they'd only shown up that day, it reflects no more and no less than the actual words spoken in Congress each and every day. If Senator Joe Nobody has a fabulous speech he'd like to make, he can get his butt down there and make it.

In the "war or no war?" debate, I don't think it makes things sound a darned sight better to refer to the USofA's position as armed evangelism and not imperialism. I don't doubt the Bushleaguer would welcome the new nomenclature, reeking as it does of a rather muscular Christianity, but I say imperialism is imperialism, even if you call it a Tupperware party. Forget finding a more P.C. word to describe what we're doing. Shouldn't we, instead, be debating whether or not we're doing the right thing in the right way?

Posted by AnneZook at 12:02 PM