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October 04, 2002
I like(d) Lileks, okay?

I like Lileks, okay? I really do. I find him humorous.

At least, I find some things about him humorous. Not his politics. In fact, after visiting his site today, I'm a little ashamed of myself for liking him at all.

I'm talking about today's Screed on Wellstone, a particularly offensive entry, especially when it comes to the point of referring to German and British citizens as, "Krauts and Beefeaters" in an insensitive response to Wellstone's remark that the informed consent of the American people is essential before going to war.

Lileks' dismissal of the entire democratic process and his lack of comprehension of value of explaining to a man why his son is going off to die could only have been written by the father of a child gender-exempted and far too young to be a risk of dying in a foreign country.

I'm not dissing the child affectionately referred to as "the Gnat." In fact, I think she sounds delightful. I just think her fond father might have a different perspective on the Bushleaguer's warmongering versus the U.N.'s hope of diplomacy if The Gnat were about nineteen and male.

Also, while I don't think any sane parent would be eager to send their child off to war, I sure as hell think that any parent, relative, sibling, friend, or co-worker of a member of the armed forces is going to be a lot more comfortable with the whole war scenario if they're convinced we're actually doing the right thing.

Plus which, I just object to racist remarks under any circumstances and I wrote to him and told him he should apologize.

Just to continue the rant, I find Lileks' glib transition from contempt for the idea of the "informed consent" of all Americans to practically saying that the men and women in the armed forces asked for it when they signed up illogical and insulting.

I found his suggestion that the countries not currently lined up behind the Bushleaguer are all hoping we lose a war amazingly short-sighted and further proof (if I needed it), that Lileks has no more understanding of multilateralism or international politics than our current President.

I think Lileks' indifference to future fallout from the Bushleaguer's we can do it alone attitude is scary.

I won't go on. There's almost nothing in this Screed that I don't object to. But I will say that I find it laughable that Lileks would accuse Wellstone of not understanding politics while demonstrating such a lamentable shortsightedness to most of the world himself.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:24 PM