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September 16, 2002
Kiss My Tiara

Here's a book review for Kiss My Tiara from feminist.com. This is the first "feminist" book I've actually been tempted to read in twenty years.

Hee Hee. The Conservatives are starting to turn on each other. Bill O'Reilly, infamous right-wing "commentary" host from the FOX News channel, is getting smacked by his Conservative brethren for calling a spade a spade. Or, more specifically, for calling a religious bigot a religious bigot. Somehow that fails to break my heart. I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but Go, Bill!

Maybe he'd like to take on Access Communications next. They're the ones who were hired by GOPAC, the moneyed Republican PAC, and created an ad responsible for trying to convince African-Americans that Social Security discriminates against them and is, in fact, "reverse reparations" for slavery.

A company called Access Communications created a bunch of ads for the GOPAC and this was among them. It wasn't intended to air but did. BUT. Considering that Access makes its living producing political propaganda, ahem, I mean ads, for Conservatives, I think it's interesting that they came up with this concept and thought it was likely enough to be acceptable to choose to spend the money to produce it. shrug The company has announced that it pulled the ad since GOPAC didn't want it, but that they're sure some of their other right-wing clients are going to be interested.

The Wall Street Journal, in a weird and inexplicable OpEd piece both calls Bush a failure for how he's responded to 9/11 and lobbies for a quicker move to a war footing.

I'm astounded because I can't believe there's actually anyone in the country who is more determined to send us to war than the Bushleaguer is.

Who you gonna call? When you want the truth behind some sensationalist news item, check the blogs. You might find out that the hysterical rhetoric surrounding something like that Florida "terrorist" alert was grossly over-inflated by airwave journalists.

And another hee hee to the New York Times for an article dissing the Bushleaguer and his staff. Just because I like to read that kind of thing, okay?

They're claiming that the BabyBushleaguer is trying to win friends and influence people by throwing a mirror image of Daddy's presidency. Fun and games.

In response to the Bushleaguer's much-lauded (by conservatives) speech at the U.N., the NYT points out a rather serious dearth of evidence supporting the Bushleaguer's claims.

But there was no compelling new evidence. Mr. Bush offered only an unusually comprehensive version of the usual laundry list. Saddam is violating the sanctions, he tried to assassinate Poppy, he's late on his mortgage payments, he tips 10 percent, he has an unjustifiable fondness for "My Way," he gassed his own people, he doesn't turn down the front brim of his hat.
Lots of us have been saying this. There's no proof that Iraq is about to go all nuclear on the world's ass. Experts say it's highly unlikely.

I think the Bushleaguer should just give up and go back to playing with his plastic soldier. I've got my fingers crosses that it's less and less likely that anyone is going to give him flesh-and-blood boys to shoot at.

I usually enjoy reading the VodkaPundit in spite of his warmongering, but he's had more drinks than he should have if he really equates the Saudis saying they'd be "obliged to follow-through" in letting the USofA use some of their turf for bases in an attack on Iraq as a sign that international opposition to the idea of war on Iraq is "quickly crumbling."

None of the somewhat tepid responses to the Bushleaguer's continuing pressure to start a war struck me as a sign that anything is crumbling.

In fact, I rather suspect that some other world governments are taking the opportunity to reinforce the idea that any war involving multiple UN member countries had better have UN backing.

Unless, of course, the USofA is just sick to death of pretending to care what the rest of the world thinks. Which, of course, we aren't. Although the Bushleaguer's delusions of grandeur could certainly give that impression.

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