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September 10, 2002
The Bush Dyslexicon (Miller)

If you're feeling ant-Bushleaguer and in need of ammunition, check out The Bush Dyslexicon. It sounds like a scathing and humorous denunciation of the idiocy that is the Bushleaguer-as-Leader with a scary expose of the media's desperate and incomprehensible attempt to label the man as a charismatic, compelling leader in the aftermath of his poor showing on 9/11.

If I weren't so certain that the attempt would bring on an aneurysm, I'd try reading it myself.

Heck, I'm not really sure I can resist the temptation, nor can I resist the thought that is a book that needs to be read by anyone confused about the current state of US politics. I think I'll order it.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:42 PM