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September 03, 2002
When Hell Freezes Over

Move over, McCarthy. George Bush wants the throne.

For those living in outer Mongolia or someplace else where the daily USofA news isn't particularly relevant, I present "Operation TIPS", as originally reported by the Australian press, the Bushleaguer's attempt to enroll an army of unpaid, civilian spies to watch us all for suspicious behavior.

Even the Germans, no slouches when it comes to citizen-informants, found Bush's plan just a little over the top. (This translated version is occasionally hard to follow, but I think the sentiment is pretty clear.)

Fortunately for us all, not all Republicans are minions of Satan and House Majority Leader Dick Armey actually submitted a bill that rejected a national identification card and scrapped a program that would use volunteers in domestic surveillance.

Thanks also go to organizations like the US Postal Service who flatly announced that their carriers would not participate in such a program.

Anyhow, the whole TIPS thing is pretty much dying on the vine, as witnessed by the Justice Department's quiet re-writing of the original text on their website advertising the program.

Why am I dragging all of it up again now?

#1 I don't think Bush has given up the idea, so we should all stay alert. I suggest reading the Australian press since they seem to have a better grip on what's happening in the White House than many of us inside the USofA's borders.

#2 While searching for information on this project, I found a website that just plain made me happy. Go and check out Everything Political. Go ahead. Buy something.

Their slogan is, "The World's Rotten. Change it."

Posted by AnneZook at 03:46 PM