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September 03, 2002
Half-Baked Homeland Idiocy

From CNN today, I learn that

"The Senate began debate Tuesday on establishing a Cabinet-level homeland security office as the White House argued for more authority over managing an estimated 170,000 workers in the proposed department."

Say what you will about the Democrats being in love with Big Government, but notice that it's not a Democratic President who is attempting to create and control a department of informants and home-grown spies with an employee roster bigger than that of the IRS.

Spread out as they now are, our intelligence agencies may be less than 100% efficient, but what's wrong with that? I fear an excess of efficiency in government a helluva lot more than I fear the possibility of a bunch of extremist radicals taking over the country, okay?

The Constitution isn't the only thing keeping the Average American free. The loopholes in the government's ability to keep track of each of us individually helps a lot.

And I loathe the man who found $37.4 Billion Dollars to fund this pet project, but couldn't spare the money to buy safety equipment for firefighters, fund health care tests for the workers at New York's Ground Zero, improve mine safety, and a host of other necessary but unRepublican projects.

My world will be a better place when Bush goes home to Daddy in Texas and stays there.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:18 PM