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August 28, 2002
Don't hate me because I'm hateful

You don't know from hateful, okay?

For those who have been following the turmoil surrounding some African nations refusing to allow their starving populations to eat genetically-modified food donated by the USofA, I found this blog entry:

Despite the fact that the maize in question has been milled to prevent cross-breeding, despite the fact that nobody, anywhere, have ever exhibited any adverse signs from eating Biogenetically altered food, despite the fact that the whole anti-Biotech Movement is based on Junk Science, despite the fact that nobody, anywhere, have ever demonstrated how altered plant DNA could miraculously bypass the human digestive system, these sandalled, tofu-eating, holier-than-thou Idiotarian BumFucked Hemorrhoids of Humanity™ are still quite prepared to, and quite successful in, making millions starve as a result of their numbskulled propaganda.

I'm just saying. Anyone who thinks my language is strong hasn't been reading the really interesting blogs online, the ones dealing with everyday news events.

The Anti-Idiotarian-Rottweiler, as quoted above, is one of my favorite newsblogs.

Of course, those of us who care about feeding the starving people (we do eat genetically modified foods here in the USofA, don't we? It's not like we're shipping them something we wouldn't eat ourselves), will be happy to eat this grain ourselves, right?

Happily, we read that alternative food sources have been found.

If you check the side-bar on that last link, you might be interested and impressed to see how many countries managed to step up to the plate and find some extra food to feel these starving people, once the USofA was forced to bow out of the program.

Kind of interesting to see how many countries could but don't because they assume we will, isn't it?

We're the rich uncle. Everyone hates us, but they make sure not to say so as long as we've got our wallets out.

Also, I wonder how many people have died since Zambia's government originally refused to give starving people the original USofA food on August 19th?

And what about the fact that the Zimbabwe government knew that the grain donated by the USofA was probably genetically modified when they accepted the donation? Why get all purer-than-thou a week later and decide that it was probably toxic and might harm the people so, yes, it's there in that building but no, you can't have any?

Are they under the impression that 5.4 million children starving to death isn't harmful to the people?

Also note that the link to the alternate food donations includes the news that food supplies are being shipped along with trucks to take the food to the different towns. That's because the train schedule, including trains that should carry the food supplies has been cut to save money.

Today's tip: If everyone starves to death, no one's going to want to take a train.

In other news, I don't always agree with yellowtimes.org but on the subject of the Bush-leaguer's mania for threatening war with Iraq, they have my vote.

I'm also generally annoyed the the Administration's habit of announcing that "the President" has made no definite decision on a war with Iraq. With any other President, they'd be saying "the President and his advisors" or "the White House" or something. They're trying hard to make a chump look like a champ and I doubt if they're fooling anyone.

Also, as long as you're online, please check out this article and then write to Target at guest.relations@target.com and tell them they should be ashamed of their lackadaisical response to a customer's report that they were pushing a line of white supremacist, neo-nazi clothing to kids.

More later. I really should be doing the work I'm paid for, which doesn't including ranting about idiotic politicians or equally idiotic corporate behavior online between the hours of 8 and 5.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:18 AM