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August 26, 2002
Greedy Fools

In what I can only call a disgusting display of cupidity, 250 "women and girls" took part in a free-for-all dash around a baseball diamond searching for a hidden diamond in Florida on Friday night. (One 28 year old woman collapsed and died on the field. No cause of death has been determined.)

I boycott diamonds.

I think the owners of DeBeers should all be stripped of their wealth and put to work digging ditches for the rest of the collective lives. I think their diamond reserves should be auctioned off on e-bay and any resulting profits handed over to the local workers. I think the people controlling that company should be smacked in the head and sent to bed without any supper. For the next ten decades.

When people talk about the evil of corporations, I always think of DeBeers.

There have been recent positive steps by the company that indicate they're making an attempt to give something back to the workers they've exploited for over a century, whether they're doing such things as publicity stunts or not, but it's all-too easy to see how some of these steps benefit the company as much or more than the people they're pretending to assist.

I think there are plenty of signs that none of the efforts to try and break their stranglehold on the world's diamond supply and, not incidentally, the economic future of much of South Africa are going to be successful in the near future. That is, unless the population of the USA, responsible for about 30% of diamond purchases annually, stops supporting their behavior.

And that's it for today's current events rant.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:00 AM