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August 11, 2003

In't it pretty? (You can say 'yes' without inflating my already humongous ego. I didn't design it. I just stood on the sidelines, asked stupid questions, and made admiring noises.)

I understand that when I get used to it, it's going to be enormously superior to Blogger. We'll see. Us old geezers resist change, you know.

I'm also acutely aware of the fact that in about fifteen minutes, I'm going to be trying to post this and no doubt thereby exposing my ignorance to the world at large.

For those still unclear on the dangers of the current wave of redistricting and unsure how the problem should be handled, may I direct your attention this way for a moment.

Note the part there at the beginning of the article where it says that Democrats are unlikely to find themselves in the majority because redistricting has created Republican "safe" districts in too many places around the country. We urgently need a better system of creating districts. This is no longer something that can be left to the various state legislatures and whichever Party is in power at the moment. (I don't care which Party is redistricting in its own favor, okay? It's just wrong.)

In other news, I see that Mr. Lieberman, finding it unlikely that he's going to be invited to join us, has decided to attack us. Maybe his feelings got hurt by the results of all of those polls that basically said, "Anyone but Bush or Lieberman? (Or does he know something about the DLC's intentions toward the Progressive part of the Party that we don't know?)

I also, quite frankly, find these continued attacks on the Democratic Party for its "protectionism" laughable. Has anyone checked the Republican party's record on the topic? (Or, again, an alternative presents itself. Maybe the Dems just aren't 'protecting' the right people?)

Kucinich may be unelectable, but he continues to sound pretty good. I'm remain, though, concerned about what I see as his lack of experience dealing with many of the issues that will face the next President.

Molly Ivins cleaned her desk and the detritus of the last year makes painful reading. (Me, I'm a clean-desk person, so I'm spared these little shocks.)

And Bob Herbert is wrong. Gore got a lot of press for his speech. It was mentioned in almost all the sites I read, anyhow. (I've no idea how the print-version or television news handled it, it's true.) In any case, it was nice of Herbert to recap some of the points Gore made.

In, really, unrelated news, it's good to see that Bush is actually working during his 30-day vacation. Okay, so he's BBQ'ing to raise bucks for campaigning and not really, you know, paying any attention to the two or three wars we have going on. It's a sort of work.

And I wish Jimmy Breslin would stop saying things like, "limited war" in his headlines. I know Iraq isn't Vietnam, but there are some phrases that bring up bad memories. The column isn't one of his better efforts, in any case. The parallels he's trying to draw between Iraq and Ireland don't hold up.

Actually I wish people would stop mentioning Vietnam. I've never quite come to terms with a lot of what we did there and certainly not with the effect on the soldiers who fought. The idea that we could be on the way to doing that again....

Apparently it's been a gay, gay summer. I'm okay with that, even if I'm not watching the much-discussed Queer Eye for the Straight Guy program. (I have no issues with men wishing a make-over, but watching some guy get his back waxed doesn't appeal to me as entertainment.) I have recently seen several episodes of Will and Grace, though, and find it every bit as funny and charming as its supporters have claimed. It takes the media to pronounce that a media connection is required to turn a cause into a Cause these days, but whatever. In related but tangential news, I have to say that the Boswell excerpts I've read could be interpreted as evidence of gay marriages in history, but there's room for interpretation. I doubt I'll actually read the book since any interest I have in the subject is purely academic.

Outside our borders, I see that the Congo continues to be SEP with very few Western countries stepping up to the place to help feed the hungry. (We weren't one of them, no.) It's a pity it isn't Ghana. We might care more if there was gold or diamonds at stake. (Edited: Let me add that I know we're doing a lousy job in Ghana, okay? Sarcasm doesn't always work in print.)

(I'm very parenthetical today, aren't I?)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Giving religious extremists death sentence is not a deterrent. Not when they belong to a religion that says the martyred hero goes straight to nirvana, complete with dancing girls. For these types, the worst thing you could do is give them life in prison. You want to discourage them? Don't send them to Allah.

Is this cool, or what? Via Editor and Publisher)

And someone needs to tell these left-wing environmental alarmists that global warming is only a theory. While you're at it, snorkel on down and explain that to the Great Barrier Reef, too, okay?

I'll probably get lambasted by the intelligentsia but you couldn't pay me to sit through an opera. Not unless it was, like, a hundred thousand dollars and the noise was was guaranteed not to last for more than an hour.

It's odd the stories that various publications decide to cover. I mean, what about the price of vanilla going up makes it worthy of front-page coverage? It's all about Madagascar, politics, and the environment. (For the record, buy real vanilla, okay? There really is a flavor difference.)

(It's possible that I'm now reduced to aimless babbling because I'm afraid to try posting on the new interface. I think it's time to give it a try, don't you?)

Gregory Hines R.I.P.

Posted by AnneZook at 05:11 PM


Yes, it's a very pretty site. But I'm still to cheap to pay for one like it. :) More on my blog today.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at August 11, 2003 05:29 PM

Congrats on the purty new site...

Posted by: Ibyx at August 11, 2003 10:06 PM