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August 12, 2003

Some things I was thinking about yesterday, but didn't get posted.

I don't blame American soldiers, hair-triggered from the deaths of so many comrades over the last few weeks. But I do blame their bosses. Surprise checkpoints thrown up after dark on dark corners? Is someone actually expecting "the enemy" will rush them when not even the soldiers seem to know where they're going to be stationed next? (via Chris Nelson) (Tuesday update: Well, last night someone threw grenades at soldiers at a checkpoint, which now leads me to think the guys maybe should just pain targets on themselves. I hate this war.)

Prometheus 6 directs us to a NYTimes article explaining what we owe Liberia.

I'm not sure if a liberal "Get Out the Vote" campaign will work or not. As I'm sure I've said more than once, analysis of voting patterns has shown that the majority of those who have dropped out of the voting process identify as liberal, or "left of center." They'll vote when, (a) something restores their faith in "the system", and/or, (b) issues they care about are front and center in a campaign.

I'll stop myself before I start blaming the media again.

(Hey, guys! I was only kidding, okay? You don't actually have to declare war on N. Korea to make me look insightful, and prophetic, okay?)

It looks like some version of "liberal talk radio" already exists. I'm sorry, but I don't care for the sound of this, okay? The "Bush Crime Family"? Can we please be a little more responsible, a little more moral, and a little more intelligent than Savage and Limbaugh, and their ilk?

Oh, and note this:

It's dawning on radio programmers that 54 million people who cast ballots for Gore and Nader (and another 50 million who tell pollsters that they lean liberal but didn't bother to vote) represent a huge market opportunity, and that the boom potential for the radio industry is extraordinary.

See? I told you so. Tens of millions of left-leaning voters who don't go to the polls. What do they care about? If we could motivate just ten percent of them, we'd be in good shape. (Especially if that 10 percent also bothered to vote in local and state elections.)

You know what else I'd like to see? In spite of the fact that it would make campaigning tricky, I'd like to see states split their electoral votes up to match the percentage of votes for each presidential candidate. This isn't the first time I've suggested this, but I'm still considering how it would work. It would naturally infuriate the "state's rights" crowd, since it would increase voter importance at the expense of each state's majority.

On the other hand, an advantage is that, disenfranchised by "re-districting" or not, voters would get to have a more significant impact on the choice of president. (Of course, then you get the problem of a majority-choice president likely to be serving with an opposition Congress elected by creative re-districting. I'm not going to give myself a headache about that one because I think the re-districting process also needs change.)

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