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August 12, 2003

Yes, it's a pretty, new site. I'm having a few issues with it. It comes with a counter service that insists I'm getting five times the number of hits I know I'm getting, for instance. It isn't that I wouldn't like to believe that many thousands of readers show up a day, but I know it isn't true. And the code for the template is so fancy I'm afraid to make any changes. I'll have to save up blogroll additions and gather my nerve up to try that some day.

But there are bigger problems in the world. For instance, the heat wave in Europe is getting serious.

And Japan admits that the chemical, probably mustard gas making people sick in China is leftover from WWII. Was, in fact, likely buried by Japanese soldiers deliberately in the hopes of just what's happening now; that civilians would dig it up and get sick. That's a step in the right direction toward standing up and taking responsibility for your past sins. Not all of them, of course. If you haven't heard of this, maybe this explains why:

The Japanese historians testified that the full extent of the germ attacks remained unknown partly because the United States made a deal with the Japanese not to prosecute those involved in exchange for the scientific data.

Maybe Japan isn't the only country that needs a cleansing round of confession?

It's a pity not all Japan's sins are important to them. (Of course, those were just women (okay, some were children), after all.)

Too many numbers make my head hurt, but this look at our spiraling national debt is sobering. The warnings about the fall to come are equally scary.

Apparently, Popular Science thinks it's important to start explaining the difference between when we're using the internet and when we're on the web. There also seems to be a perception that having to type a URL is a Bad Thing and we should all just search-and-click through search engines. I disagree. The best search engine we can create won't be able to access all the content on the web. It's an interesting idea, I guess.

More stupidity from the East Coast. It seems that the Administration was warned about the likelihood of resistance in Iraq, the same kind that's killing soldiers now, but they chose, as they always seem to do, to believe the rosy promises of amateur instead of the experts. Could these people be any more incompetent?

Molly Ivins takes us all to task for the appalling drop in the standard of public, political combat.

And Durst thanks Bush for stepping up to save the country from the heinous effects of letting people who love each other get married.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:16 PM


Your site, she is so groovy.

I'm still reading it, you know. ALL YOUR BLOG ARE BELONG TO ME. There's ranting to do in the private sector, too!



Posted by: kormantic at August 12, 2003 06:06 PM

Ad national debt:Much as I agree with the spirit of Gates' article and the well-deserved criticism of the Chicago school, I would warn against too much focus on the figures for the national debt. I canīt develop the argument at length here but basically the national debt is not a problem as long as it is held by your own citizens and if it is foreign debt it is only a problem if the return on the borrowed and invested funds is smaller than the interest that has to be paid to other countries. National debt is not a bad thing per se. An analogy with private persons or families is irrelevant. Fiscal irresponsibility is rather a question of how you spend the government funds and also whom you ask to finance it. There is ample room for critizising the Bush regime on those grounds.

The main problem with the Chicago School is their absolute faith in and reliance on "the market forces" to solve each and every problem. The ridiculed proposal on "terrorist futures" is only a logical consequence of this ideology and I find it very hypocritical of the fiscal conservatives to criticize the Poindexter proposal which falls very nicely in line with present ideology. Not only in the US, I might add.

Se here also:New York not Pjonjang

Sorry for being so wordy.

Posted by: Bengt at August 12, 2003 07:14 PM

The new site rocks, Anne. I'll be switching to a Movable Type site soon too, but mydesign is more stoic.

About your counter, maybe it's counting hits (which would include images) instead of specifically pages. Or maybe you're more widely read than you think.

Posted by: Prometheus 6 at August 12, 2003 07:46 PM

Looks absolutely groovy Anne!

Now if I could only do something nice with the darn default Georgia Blue stylesheet....sigh...

Posted by: Curtiss Leung at August 12, 2003 08:19 PM

Hey, even I figured out how to change the colors of things. :) Granted, I did it by messing with all the hex codes in my template until I found the one that changed the background, but eventually I got there!

Anyhow, blue is a good color. It's easy on the eyes.

Posted by: Anne at August 13, 2003 11:45 AM