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August 14, 2003
Mid-morning musing

This morning started with a rush-hour drive to my doctor's office (which is, naturally, in the opposite direction from my office). What with one thing and another, most of which were cars driven by people unclear on the concept of "moving with the flow" in traffic, it took a solid hour after the appointment to get to my office. Mumble-grumble-whine-complain.

I don't have anything against a "sting" to capture people who sell illegal arms, but I do wish the media would stop trumpeting that a plot to smuggle missiles into the US has been foiled. Since we fabricated the "plot" it seems a little absurd, don't you think?

Also, the question of entrapment is always there. This time, I don't think it was an issue, but official zeal, has, in the past, led to some mistakes.

And it seems that among the other pre-invasion cautions about their rosy plans for Iraq, the Administration was told that enforcing instituting Democracy might be impossible in the country. They continue to pretend they didn't hear the experts, though.

I know the recall of a governor and the election of a new one is serious business, but the way people in California are going at it, it's more of a sideshow.

I'm not a big joiner. I've never really joined clubs or parties or organizations. Even as a voter, I'm an independent, unaffiliated with any organized party. Interestingly, over the last year I've found myself joining a surprising number of progressive organizations. I'll probably join ACT, too. There are a number of good ideas for getting the disenchanted Left back into the voting booths, if only someone would listen. (Are we sure we have the best candidates in the race now?

In terms of "big news," I think 3,000 dead people is news. In spite of the seriousness of the topic, the reference to a " 'veritable epidemic' of death" gave me a little cognitive dissonance.

I wish those people would stop whining. I didn't hear the military complaining about multi-millionaires being given huge tax cuts, did you? I didn't hear much of the Republican establishment complaining about it at all. So now that, just a few months later, they realize they no longer have the revenue to run the government, well, the idea that this comes as a surprise is a touch annoying. As for the soldiers in Iraq about to take a pay-and-benefits hit, well, they're citizens just like the rest of us, so they're going to feel the effects of the lousy economy just like the rest of us.

Of course, unlike the rest of us, they're in danger of being killed fighting a war their tax-cutting boss instigated, but that's really a whole different rant I'm not prepared to get into yet.

As they say, 'so many rants, so little time.'

Posted by AnneZook at 10:19 AM