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August 15, 2003
The Troubles Out East

No, farther east. Outside our borders.

No link, but to start the day off right, I heard a fair and balanced report on NPR on the way in this morning. They were interviewing Iraqis, but not the ones you'd expect. No, they were interviewing those who had been better off under Hussein. As those who shared his Sunni faith, they were the favored minority. That didn't make their lives simple, but they did at least have a certain amount of privilege that they don't possess now. Even one general from Hussein's army who admitted that he and his men were put into needless danger during the invasion battles mourned the passing of those times. Mostly for two reasons. (1) He resented the USofA disbanding the army and putting him out of work, and, (2) He saw Hussein as a "strong leader" capable of controlling the fractious country, a job no one expects the committee of returned exiles and others favored by the USofA to be able to do.

And Dissent is offering an extremely fair and balanced analysis of The Struggle for Power in Iraq, complete with a bit of regional history (very little), for those who haven't wrapped their heads around it yet. (Direct link here.) The bottom line? Look to see the recent resurgence of religious feeling transform into a Shiite influenced, if not an outright religious government.

For those interested in an analysis of the anything but fair and balanced media coverage in the days leading up to the invasion, check out FAIR's article on the subject.

Are the seeds of the next disaster being sown even as we speak? Iran may still be in the Administration's cross-hairs and I don't think anyone can deny that tacitly ignoring what our own country has listed as a terrorist group because we hope it will cause trouble for our enemies is pretty much the sort of behavior that got us into this mess in the first place.

But the same hard-liners reportedly oppose a deal with Tehran, which they depict not only as a sponsor of terrorism determined to acquire nuclear weapons, but also an exhausted dictatorship teetering on the verge of collapse that could be easily overthrown in a popular insurrection, with covert U.S. help or even military intervention.

It just isn't going to happen that way. You can't "sponsor" your way to democracy and certainly I don't think you can get there via an organization that assisted Hussein in the atrocities he committed after the Gulf War, okay?

And speaking of criminal behavior, are we ever going to turn our attention back to the mess we created in Afghanistan?

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