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August 15, 2003
It's all about being Fair and Balanced, isn't it?

Capital Eye is always interesting. Recently they offered a breakdown of the voting for/against the re-importation of drugs and the way the votes stacked up against campaign contributions.

There are some Fair and Balanced politicians. Take a look at the Protecting the Rights of Individuals Act, recently introduced to the Senate by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Republican.

Power is changing hands. Look closely, and you can see it, in the tiny, picturesque country of Liechtenstein.

And it's a pity we're not as concerned about home-grown terrorism as we are about the international stuff. Isn't there some old saying about cleaning your own house first?

I don't think the Common Dreams Headline is at all fair and balanced. I think there's a difference between the implication than an entire country is "gloating" and the quite natural satisfaction at learning their occupiers are suffering from some of the same problems they're fighting.

The article does raise one interesting thought. After a day or so without A/C, will the East Coast have more sympathy with, and concern about, the on-going power outages in Iraq?

And, since I haven't addressed the problem yet, my sympathy goes out to those in Canada and on the USofA's east coast who are sweltering in the summer heat due to this predicted power outage. Would anyone like to debate whether or not it's time we abandoned these "no windows" and "no windows that open" ugly modern buildings in favor of a chance at getting a whiff of fresh air from time to time?

No, wait. I've been to the east coast several times. First we need to fix the pollution problem.

This sort of thing is weird. That guys is "Asia's most-wanted terrorist"? What about Saddam Hussein? I thought he was the daddy of all terrorists? Isn't that why we invaded his country? Or that other guy. You know, what's-his-name. The one we used to care about. bin Laden or something.

In a move of what I can only see as solidarity with Blair, we're now accusing the BBC of messing up our war on terror. In my opinion, we got what we deserved. If anyone had returned the Beeb's phone calls and explained this was an operation in progress, the story wouldn't have been blown.

Brace yourself for The Return Of the Chad.

Religion makes people delusional. People who think you need religion in order to be moral aren't, in my eyes, very moral. There's no virtue in not kicking your brother just because you think Dad might be watching. Virtue is when you don't do it because it would be wrong.

I'm just saying. Externalizing your code of morality is just one step away from accepting situational ethics.

Remember that debate, not long ago, over the theatre in the northwest that was planning to go "adults only" and not show any films under a PG-13 rating? (Essentially, they were going to eliminate kids and parents carrying babies on the grounds that they ruin the movie for everyone else and anyhow they weren't going to be showing material suitable for children.) Anyhow. Popcorn and Pacifiers discusses a new concept. Theatres specifically set up to allow mom (or dad) to carry in their offspring, interact with other adults (during a "social hour," eat popcorn, and, if they can, view the latest flicks.

Basically, instead of setting up a meeting hall and charging an entrance fee, the movie is getting the adults together under the guise of watching a move. From the sounds of things, there's not much movie watching possible and it leads me to muse on the reality of the fact that these same adults would probably not have shown up if they didn't have the common excuse of, "seeing a movie."

Along with yesterday's rant about how no one can stand to be alone for ten seconds, I get the feeling I'm about to start in on people who are dying to talk to other people, but only as long as they can pretend they're actually doing something else.

Also, people who are amazed by the accuracy of their astrologer should think twice about how generic the information is.

(Hey, what's up with the DoD, anyhow?)

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