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August 15, 2003
Fair. Balanced. Fair and Balanced

Okay, my mind is boggling again. If this story were to hit the front page of the NYTimes and a few other national media outlets picked it up, this could completely tank Bush's re-election campaign. (Kevin worried because this story was from January, but I donít think the time-frame matters. It's the on-going pattern of "outsourcing" jobs...taking employment from USofA citizens and giving it to a cheaper labor pool, that's the real concern.)

Via Cursor, here's the Memory Hole copy of an article saying we don't know precisely how many people we have stuffed into the Guantanamo Bay facility or exactly who they are. (I suspect an article run originally, and only, by the NYPost, so read with a grain of salt, okay?)

And, in an illustration of pretty much everything I think the world needs least right now, take a look at the future of war on Ruminate This. (Does anyone else have a problem with her blog? I open and close her site in a separate browser because that "fade in-fade out" effect seems to hang up for five seconds or more each time.)

Over at skippy's lower-case house, there's an interesting post on the "mystery illness" that's killing soldiers in Iraq. Could it be linked to their anthrax inoculations? Or, like, reportedly, the original "gulf war syndrome" is there some other "inoculation cocktail" they were given that's starting to have some ugly after-effects? (links blogger, scroll down, etc., etc., etc.)

Talkleft has some good links to follow-up stories on Ashcroft's decision to protect the homeland's security by watching judges whose sentencing habits don't please him.

And, on final note (for now), let me say how pleased I am with the number of us committing to be Fair and Balanced today.

Ted Barlow offers fairness and balance, but he hasn't written to us since 7/24. What's up with that?

And ThomasMC has a pop-up announcing their fairness. And balance and well as a cursor tail.

I'm sure John Duffy would be Fair and Balanced if he hadn't been awol for over 12 weeks. John! Come on, guy! How long does it take to write a dissertation or a book or a set of encyclopedias or whatever it is you left the world o'blog to mess around with?

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