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August 18, 2003

I don't want to tarnish the hospitality of the lady with the lamp or anything, but can we be just a touch more discriminating about who we let in this country? I know we've cradled more than a few deposed despots in our melting pot over the years, but if we really believe all that stuff in our constitution, then I think we need to put, "don't provide psychopaths with comfy homes" near the top of our priority lists.

I knew a fair number of unsavory characters from down south had been allowed to slip in and make themselves at home on USofA soil, but I had no idea how many. Seems to me that it's not just recently that our so-called 'foreign policy' has gone off the rails.

Terrorists, murderers, torturers, dictators, despots, and convicted felons. <-- In case you're wondering, guys, there's a quick list of the kind of people you should not be granting visas, or permanent residency status to, okay?

And while we're at it, can we not act like despots here at home? And not act like lawless thugs and torturers, either. We're setting a bad example.

We have a huge and growing budget deficit. Is this really the time to keep wasting money on doomed political agendas. And that includes the states, especially the one currently spending $3.4 million to force an out-of-turn redistricting move by a group who understand that, without such chicanery, their days are numbered. (Colorado Democrats, who failed to block redistricting here are being supportive, and being ridiculed by Colorado Republicans which is, to my mind, another sign of how worried the Republicans are. Also? I want a 2/3 majority requirement here like Texas has.)

If you're interested in the economic and political problems surrounding the world's food supply, maybe you need KickAAS.

More about the insidious censorship Wal-Mart practices that most of their customers are unaware of.

Irresponsible sensationalism by the media seems to be as big a problem in the UK as it is here.

Also in the Guardian, today's racism in the USofA.

The Right continues its campaign to label Bush's detractors as unpatriotic. Boggles the mind. (Having said that, I have a slight doubt as to whether or not a county fair is the appropriate place to pass out, "Bush Sucks" buttons. I wouldn't care to pass final judgment, though, until I found out what local Republicans did during the Clinton years. Certainly in the public mind, those tens of millions of us who don't have the hours every day to spend figuring out what's going on in this country, there's little difference between the two Parties these days.)

In other news, I've intended to watch this since I first heard about it. If you've got Showtime, tune in. It should be educational.

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