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August 18, 2003

In spite of the recent wave of publicity that shows that USofA pharmaceutical companies charge less for their drugs in other countries than they do here at home,* there are those who believe drug prices are too low here and they're suing to be allowed to raise them. Who? Pharmaceutical companies.

* Do not be fooled by those negative ads screaming about how lousy quality import drugs are going to risk everyone's health, okay? And the measures under consideration are "re-import" measures. Drugs manufactured here, sold in other countries, then sold back to the USofA. Don't be fooled into thinking that health standards in Canada are significantly lower than the ones here, 'cause it ain't so.

Also, I ask you...if this round-robin retail still results in lower drug costs than we're paying now, just how inflated are the prices we're currently paying?

Also, if these "re-imports" are, in fact, not manufactured up to safe specs, just what the heck are pharmaceutical companies thinking of when they produce these poor quality medications?

Posted by AnneZook at 11:06 AM