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August 19, 2003
Bits and Pieces

Much work, little blogging

Why don't oil spills get the press they used to get?

Saudis in Iraq 'preparing for a holy war' A headline like that is pretty much all it takes to ruin my day.

Captured in the name of terror. Yes, I'm still complaining about Guantanamo.

American voters have two choices: Bush or Bush-lite. When we say, "anyone but Bush" are we actually prepared to vote for an airbrushed version of him? Have the last three years been so distasteful to us that we'd vote for almost anyone that stands to the left of Bush, even if it's only a step or two?

For those of us willing to read more than a briefing paper, history has lessons we should heed.

Restructuring Education explains that you need more than regime change to institute democracy.

Slavery is alive and well.

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