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August 25, 2003
Still Monday

Dyckman is right. The Economist, that bastion of financial and political conservatives that glowed with fervor at the mention of Reagan's name, dissing Bush is a pretty major indication that thoughtful conservatives can no longer pretend that All's Well in Washington.

For those still pretending the Administration truly expected to find WMD in Iraq, you might want to consider that failing to protect the archive that contained any and all information about any kinds of weapons programs wasn't a smart way to start the hunt. If you were the suspicious type, you might further wonder if the Administration decided it would be a better thing if said 'hunt' could be dragged out until the short-attention-span USofA media got tired of talking about it as opposed to actually, you know, producing any weapons.

Read Chris Nelson today. The SPL link was broken when I tried it, but you can surf the site to find the material he refers to.

Over on Crooked Timber, Henry has a horror story to tell abut his latest international flight. I'm sure you're all smart enough to see that this only large-scale effort to cut down on terrorists entering USofA soil has already become a farce due to, poorly defined goals, poor funding, and just general poverty of intelligence on the part of those responsible.

Oh, and that fifth camp in Guantanamo Bay that I was talking about earlier. Brace yourself for a big shock. Hallibuton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root won the no-bid contract. Why doesn't the Bush Administration just go ahead and hand the country over to Halliburton?

Here's breakdown of who gets the money for reconstructing Iraq.

$4.8M - no current time estimate - Recommend improvements to ports
$7.1 - 90-day contract - Consulting on how to reconstruct a country
$10 - $43.8M - 12 month contract - Public health support consulting (No actual aid. Just advice.)
$1M - $62M - 12 month contract - Consulting on building schools
$7.9 167.9M - 12-month contract - apparently training local government
$34.6 - $680M - Infrastructure rebuilding (Bechtel)
Unlimited - Repair oil wells (Kellogg Brown & Root)

Go on over and read the commentary on each award. You'll find it interesting.

(Last two items both via Cursor.)

Boy, I'm sure reassured about their priorities, aren't you? I mean, they're completely prepared to spend one million dollars on schools. Oh, wait. That's one million dollars to talk about building schools.

Like the 90-days they've committed to planning this fiasco of a reconstruction, this list of their priorities fails to impress me on a level I really can't convey.

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