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August 27, 2003
All In A Day's News

Oh. My. God. Considering that Dubya was AWOL in the eyes of 99.9999999 percent of the USofA citizenship on 9/11, just howinthehell are they going to make them the "hero" of a movie on the subject?

You gotta be amused, though, by the reminder that Bush was allowed to sit in a classroom reading books to kids while Cheney, clearly of more importance to Those That Know, was whisked off to a secure (and, one presumes, bomb-proof) basement location.

Suicide attempts at Guantanamo Bay have now reached 32.

Life is good in Rwanda if you're the re-elected despot.

'Cocktail of Horror' says the headline. They got that right. There are "[o]ver 50 tons of uranium and 2000 tons of oil aboard [a] grounded container ship" in Table Bay, in South Africa. Another part of the article cites the oil load at up to 3,700 tons.

The Sealand Express, with a US master and crew, ran aground in the shallows at Sunset Beach between Milnerton and Table View on Tuesday during a storm.
It has more than 1 000 containers aboard, including 33 filled with hazardous materials such as compressed gas, fireworks and chemicals.

This is one of those occasions when the headline is not overstating the case.

Ebome is a place in Africa you might not have heard of before. Read about how the West's lust for oil, especially the USofA's, has affected the people there.

Oxfam is leaving Iraq. It's not safe for the aid workers to stay.

From the same story:

The death toll of American soldiers in Iraq rose to 279 on Wednesday as the military announced that a soldier had died of a non-hostile gunshot wound.

Tell me, how can a bullet that kills someone be 'non-hostile'? Was it just a random bullet dropped by a passing crow? Let's have the truth. Was it an accident, suicide, friendly fire, or what?

One of the things I hate about the media any more, and in this case about the military/government establishments that demand such spin, is how we get all of these bland euphemisms instead of the plain truth.

But I don't actually think our commitment to rebuilding Iraq is half-assed. I mean, be serious, okay? Nothing's going to be better for Bush's re-election hopes than a peaceful, prosperous Iraq. I think it's not going well because the advance planning sucked (everyone pretty much admits the truth of this by now) and this Administration has no idea how to back-track, fix their mistakes, and move on.

Pretty much everyone also accepted quite a long time ago that those infamous drones we found in Iraq were not part of a WMD project, but maybe the Administration is hoping that by releasing the official report in the dog days of August, no one will care about confirmation?

The latest headlines on CentCom, from 8/22 until today:

One Soldier Killed, Two Wounded In Attack (Updated)
One Soldier Killed, Three Wounded In Ied Attack
Soldier Dies From Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound
4id Soldier Dies In Traffic Accident
One Soldier Killed, Two Wounded In Ied Attack
Coalition Forces Repel Attack In Kandahar Province
Soldier Drowns In Euphrates River
Soldier Dies From Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound
Confiscated, Destroyed Weapons Equal Safer Iraq
Marines Help Rebuild Women’s Center
Coalition Reorganizes Day-To-Day Issues
1 Ad Soldier Dies Due To Fire

Kind of appalling, looked at all at once.

Maybe they're hoping no one will notice this, either?

On Tuesday, the United States gave its blessing to a program -- known in bureaucratic doublespeak as the ''Airbridge Denial Program'' -- that allows Colombian fighter pilots to shoot down unarmed civilian aircraft suspected of carrying drugs. The program was suspended two years ago after an American missionary and her infant daughter were killed when their plane was mistaken for a drug plane. U.S. officials say now there are sufficient safeguards to prevent a similar tragedy.

Again, I sympathize with those who want to keep illegal drugs off of our streets and out of our schools, but the 'drug war' as we're now conducting it is a complete and utter failure. We need a better plan, not a relaxation of international law.

This is a problem I'm glad it wasn't up to me to solve.

Do you cut off AIDS aid for Asian and African refugees because one of the groups who gets some of the money cooperated with another group that works with an organization that supports forced abortions and sterilization?

What if the group in question, Marie Stopes , was working with the UN's Population Fund? And it was the UN's Population Fun "cooperating" with the Chinese government, the "organization" doing the forcing?

Especially if the story isn't, maybe, quite that clear?

The United Nations countered that it was working to change Chinese policy, and it noted that the State Department had determined that it had not knowingly supported coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization. Nevertheless, the agency lost $34 million in financing.

This could go either way. Are we saving a few million dollars and, not incidentally, slapping around groups that accept (voluntary) abortion to follow Bush's agenda? Or is there, in fact, some strong evidence that the UN group cooperated with and even assisted the Chinese government's forced abortion/sterilization plan?

The thing that counts most strongly against the "proof exists" theory, of course, is the Bush Administration's history of fudging the facts to fit the agenda.

And the fact that other groups affiliated with Marie Stopes refused the USofA government's money when it was offered to them on the condition that they cut ties to Marie Stopes. The other groups referred to "baseless allegations."

I dunno if we'll ever be given the entire story on this one.

Under the heading of 'jolly good news' comes confirmation that Iraq isn't the only country in our cross-hairs.

President Bush defended his policy on Iraq today, declaring that the United States had struck a blow against terrorism in overthrowing the government of Saddam Hussein. And Mr. Bush said the United States might carry out other pre-emptive strikes.

Yeah, because what we've got right now is an abundance of soldiers and money to start a third war.

Why didn't those idiots just finish the job properly in Afghanistan? Are we ever going to get an answer to that question?

Posted by AnneZook at 03:03 PM


I think we're going to be lucky just to survive the idiocy they've created.

Posted by: JohnC at August 27, 2003 06:23 PM

Usually the phrase "non-hostile" refers to "friendly" fire (i.e., one of "our" guys hitting another one of "our" guys). Every time people clue into what one euphemism actually means it becomes incumbent upon the obfuscators to think up a new one.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at August 28, 2003 09:13 AM