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September 02, 2003
Monday's Mixed Bag

I largely avoided newscasts over the long weekend, so it was a surprise to me that a giant asteroid might be headed our direction.

I should start using that feature that sticks most of my posts behind that more>>> link. It's supposed to make the page look all tidy. I've considered it, but considering the untidy nature of my mind, it almost strikes me as false advertising.

While thinking people continue to try to explain that low-wage work isn't a stepping stone to riches but, instead, the pit that swallows up too many USofA workers, I heard coverage of a Bush speech on the radio this morning where he vowed that the USofA wants to compete with third-world countries to get our manufacturing jobs back. We don't want anything but a level playing field, he claimed. Since it's unlikely that GE or Dow or any of the conglomerated giants are going to start paying workers in Pakistan $12/hour, the only way to achieve that is to lower our bottom-rung wages down to fifty cents a day. (Let's also take a moment to scoff at his disingenuous outrage over the "thousands" of manufacturing jobs that have been lost in this reception. Although I suppose, we should be scoffing at his semantics instead, since 2.5 million is, indeed, many, many "thousands.") By the way, Bush's half-witted plan to "increase manufacturing jobs" involves increasing the size of government. Okay, only by one assistant secretary, but still. That's not very small-government Republican of him, is it?

And where are they going to get the money to pay for 5,000 more 'air marshals' when they recently laid off a slew of them for lack of funds?

(And, by the way, there is really no good reason on earth why the number of 'air marshals' should be classified information. It's just stupid and, further, it sets a bad precedent. I don't want anything about these new 'homeland' security procedures out of the public eye. I don't trust any of the people responsible for implementing the legislation. I want their hands on the table, in plain sight, all the time.)

I should create a new category for "stories you won't see in the USofA medial. Here's the first entry.

I'm not surprised by a backward, religion-infested community that says women invite rape by wearing lipstick. A year ago I'd have been outraged to realize that kind of thinking still existed in the world but the sad thing about today is that I've heard so much worse, this barely moves me.

From the Denver Post, something I didn't know, namely that Colorado Democrats did not, in fact, tamely roll over and play dead when Colorado Republicans pushed through the kind of redistricting that has Texas in the national spotlight.

Let's put Iraq Fallout Unnerves Bush Re-Election Team under "headlines I like to see first thing in the morning."

John Paul Getty, like many rich and influential people of the time, seems to have been a fervent admirer of Hitler's.

I'm in favor of on-line archives, especially those to specialized bodies of material I probably wouldn't have access to any other way. I appreciate the people who dedicate themselves to projects like this one. I've bookmarked PaperOfRecord.com and I look forward to seeing how it continues to develop.

Read this.

Bob Herbert says we need a time-out. I agree and I'm going to take one right now. After a three-day weekend, it behooves me to pretend to a slight interest in the work I'm paid to do.

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