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September 03, 2003

What shall we chat about today?

Yet another report of the USofA's undiplomatic diplomatic technique?

Are such reports, in fact, indicative of the current Administration's failure to assign people with a modicum of tact to the diplomatic service or has international "diplomacy" become such a carousel of lying, misdirection, and polite avoidance that someone who speaks bluntly and without euphemism capable of sending shockwaves through the international community?

Really, you could argue either side of that one successfully.

Is it a sign of real change if Latin American countries begin to call people to account for their misdeeds? Is this a new trend? Will USofA politicians someday have to worry about being made to account for the evil they commit in the name of...whatever purpose it is they think they serve?

Interesting thought. Clinton's impeachment, I need hardly say, would never have gone through on the grounds of perjuring himself over the precise semantic meaning of "having sexual relations" although he might well have found himself in slightly warmer water for other financial missteps that were unaccountably 'lost' in the wheeler-dealer atmosphere of Washington.

We protected our buddies in Saudi Arabia from any distasteful investigation into exactly why the vast majority of the 9/11 hijackers were of Saudi citizenship, and how do they thank us? By making deals with Russia to control the price of oil. We killed thousands of Iraqis and sacrificed hundreds of USofA soldiers in an attempt to deflect attention from prominent Saudi citizens directly financing terrorist organizations, and this is how they reward us? There's just no gratitude any more.

For reasons that will no doubt be made manifest at some later date, one of the Texas 11 has abandoned his fellow Democrats, endangered the quorum-busting sit-out, and fled back to the arms of the establishment. Will some intrepid reporter follow this man's career and let us know if, in a few months or a year or so, he suddenly becomes heir to a windfall from a lucky business deal or the death of some obscure, untraceable relative? Or even if he swaps parties and winds up in higher office in the near future?

Matthew Rothschild thinks Bush is a Bad Man. While he's discussing it, he reveals that the USofA's history shows we've never precisely been on the side of the white hats.

I think, if you read the science reports carefully and sift through the information...well, it looks like those guys wearing the aluminum foil helmets are right. The human race was, in fact, seeded on the planet by some starfaring, alien species. Well do I remember that survey class on Geography I took during my sophomore year. Well do I remember the explanation of soil layers and the demonstration of how much damage to this fragile balance the single, human footstep does. Every. Single. Thing. We. Do. on this planet damages it. Face it. We're not a part of the natural ecology of the place at all.

I'm just really not in the mood for these idiots today.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:11 PM