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September 09, 2003
Politics and war (and a little sex)

John Dean, a man who certainly knows about those in power breaking laws, thinks Cheney and his Energy Plan Cohorts might have done just that.

I'm not convinced yet that Dean is my candidate, but he makes a good speech and asks the questions lots of us would like to ask.

Apparently someone liked that speech the other night. I suppose it's possible. I looked Sunday night and couldn't find anyone who seemed to care and on Monday morning, of course, the stories were all about the $87,000,000,000 he wanted. Even $87B isn't enough but we're hoping one of the countries we reviled before the invasion listening will stump up a few billion. (registration required)

Paul Krugman is blunt. Another OpEd in the NYT is just as plain-spoken.

The Moscow Times gets funny. The headline reads, " Gaidar Invited to Shock, Awe Iraq"

The architect of Russia's at times disastrous transition to a market economy, Yegor Gaidar, has been invited by the U.S.-led coalition authority in Iraq to help craft a recovery plan for that country's war-torn economy.

We sure can pick our advisors.

Is the "jobless recovery" going to become Zoe Williams makes fun of the drive to promote abstinence. Sex is, as she points out, " the only perpetually renewable resource known to mankind" so it's interesting that it's the only "resource" that large numbers of USofA citizens seem to be able to get behind conserving.

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