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September 17, 2003
Over There

A fascinating entry from Andrew Olmsted today.

CPT (P) Jason Slider sent out these notes he'd received (he had to reproduce them, so they are undoubtedly not 100% accurate) from a friend in 7th ID [Infantry Division] headquarters. They're reflections on some lessons the 3d ACR [Armored Cavalry Regiment] has learned during their time in Iraq. They include some pretty interesting and valuable observations, so I've reproduced them below, along with my own observations here and there. Readers should understand that while I stand by my observations, I'm a senior captain who's never been to combat, while these are lieutenant colonels that have 20+ years of service and have actually served in a combat environment.

Read it.

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Posted by: Laura in DC at September 17, 2003 01:03 PM