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September 24, 2003
That's just icky, okay?

Maureen Farrell brings up a point that has always baffled me. Why do conservatives keep harping on Bush's "sex appeal" and "virility" (both of which are nonexistent, as nearly as I can tell)? Why do they harp on these things when these are the exact things about Clinton that they seemed to hate the most? Why do they keep insisting that Bush's, let's be honest, less-than-impressive appearance in a flight suit in an immediately discredited appearance on a carrier ship was the epitome of USofA masculinity? (Maybe they have issues with reality. I mean, maybe they can't tell the map from the territory.) And who, who, can possibly conceive of Rumsfeld as a sex symbol?

A better question might be why it's so often conservative men who make these remarks but, unlike some people, I won't get into questions of sexuality. I don't really care except that I wish Conservatives would shut up about sex. They're voyeuristically obsessed about it. (Specifically, they're obsessed with male sexuality.)

Anyhow, you know how seriously to take the Right's attempt to lay claim to the country's machismo when you realize that Noonan is one of the chief (female) proponents of this attempt to create a cult of personality.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:57 AM