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September 24, 2003
A Quick Blog Around

I think that what some of us have failed to figure out is that Bush's speeches, each of which is clearly intended to convey the impression that Hussein was sitting a a pile o'nukes, juggling vials of biochemical agents, were all carefully written so that he hasn't exactly said so in recent months. The phrases in a lot of his speeches are accurate. It's just that the way the entire sentences are constructed leaves an impression that he's said something that he has not, in fact, said. Anyhow, I'm still in the "the jury's not in yet" on the WMD question. I think Hussein probably had some. I think he probably sold or gave some of it away, and hid some of it. And most of it was destroyed by the U.N. inspection team.

David Neiwert has a good entry on the kerfuffle between the narrow-minded, bigoted Horowitz and the civil rights protecting Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Yeah, I know, my bias is showing.)

Jeanne, over at Body and Soul has some good links to a story about what Bush's "faith-based initiatives" could lead to. (I don't know about the rest of you, but I can still remember having to dodge Moon's peculiar acolytes in airports, so I'm not best pleased that they've found a way to tap into the public trough and take my tax dollars that way.) There are, of course, those who interpret the separation of church and state a little differently.

William, over at AtlanticBlog links to an interesting article about antidepressants. I agree they can be overused, and prescribed too casually, but a short stint (six months) on Paxil a few years ago really did me a world of good, so I'd hate to go back to the days when you were just told to slap yourself and get over it.

There's quite a discussion of suicide bombings going on over at Prometheus' site.

I've really been enjoying Tom Burka's blog. He's like on on-man version of The Onion.

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