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September 25, 2003

Not surprisingly, I think the ACLU is right. It's absurd to keep protesters away from Bush while letting supporters crowd around. And don't tell me it's a security issue, either, okay? If you wanted to cause problems for Bush, how stupid would you have to be to not just pick up a "pro-" sign and join the throng up close? I'm just saying, okay? Keep everyone away, or be more even-handed about who you let up close. Keeping protesters out of sight and out of earshot is just politics. Do they think someone's going to shout dangerously?

(Well, maybe they do. Free speech is a pretty dangerous thing.)

I learned this today:

While the United States spends more than $1 billion a week to support its troops in Iraq, less than $2 billion has been spent in Afghanistan in the nearly two years since the Taliban fell.

Afghanistan = Home of actual terroists less than $2B in 24 months.
Iraq = Home of man who dissed the the US and UN - - projecting $96B in 24 months.

What does that teach us? That it's more dangerous to make rude remarks about the USofA than to actually murder USofA citizens, I guess.

Maybe the Secret Service is right. They'd better keep those shouting protesters out of the way for their own safety.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:29 AM