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September 26, 2003
Victory, Iraq, Don't Call, etc., etc., etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Victory Act. That's the "Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations" for those who haven't read about this drastic expansion of government power yet.

For those who still think your liberties aren't under attack, I suggest a thorough reading and some consideration of whether or not you want this Administration or, really, any government, to have this kind of authority.

Personally, I always look twice, then go find an expert opinion, on any topic where Orrin Hatch and Ashcroft agree. And it does my heart good to hear that the "limited government" convervatives who put Hatch in office are giving him the fish-eye.

Hightower is usually pretty entertaining and he's no less so on this topic.

I was wondering, by the way, where we'd get that 10,000 extra troops for Iraq that Owr Leeders are mulling over sending. Looks like the other arm of the war on 'terror' is going to provide a few of them. Handing over control in Afghanistan puts the USofA troops we'll pull out of there back in play. (No, I'm not saying we'll pull all USofA troops out, but I'll bet our force there gets significantly smaller.)

Also, for those of you wondering (don't you love these little educational features?) why "personhood" for corporations is a bad idea, one simple illustration is the current furor over the 'do not call' list. Corporations are claiming their free speech is being violated by the compilation of a list of people who don't want to hear from them, and if corporations are citizens, they'll probably be able to make a case for it. Which is sad, because the 'do not call' list in Colorado cut down the junk calls at our place by 99% and it's been a blessing. It's scary to think of the flood of calls that we'll get if the ban is struck down.

I am actually curious about this defense of "civil rights" because defending the telemarketer's right to make a living means not defending me against unstoppable, uninvited, and unwanted intrusions on my life. I mean, I'm the one who pays for the telephone, okay? And it ain't cheap.

Do I pay for this phone to give strangers the ability to call me five minutes before the end of CSI and prevent me from seeing whodunit? I do not. Do l pay for this phone so that obnoxious sales calls are guaranteed to prevent me from hearing the end of Frasier? I do not. Do I pay for this phone so that some conglomerate corporation can buy a machine programmed to dial number after number after number until it finally reaches my little machine and tries to sell it time-share? I DO NOT.

It's not that I don't sympathize with the telemarketers who have been curses, hung up on, screamed at, or otherwise abused. I do care. Just not very much.

They think people could be polite. I think that by the time you're getting your third or fourth unwanted phone call in one evening, or one hour, and your twentieth one that week, people need to understand that you're going to be a little testy.

To the telemarketer, it's just one call. To me, it's the 19th irritating, time-wasting, obnoxious call in a row I've been forced to overpay USWest to receive.

When telemarketers come to my house, pick up my phone bill, and pay it every month, they can call me whenever they want. Otherwise, I never want to hear from them.

Okay, I was thinking I was in a better mood than yesterday, but it's beginning to look otherwise.

Deep breath. Calm. I am calm.

A Constitution is a good thing. The Iraqi 'governing council' has been given six months to draft one. I approve. I don't know if this group, handpicked by the USofA, can produce a document that the majority of Iraqi citizens will approve of, but it's a step in the right direction.

Continuing attacks on the U.N. presence in the country won't help anyone, but they really won't help the USofA. I think the reports we were seeing a few weeks ago are exactly o target. Terrorists from all over the Middle East must be gathering in Iraq, just salivating for a chance to actually do battle with the foreign imperialists.

Number of People Living in Poverty in U.S. Increases Again I think that headline pretty much speaks for itself.

Oh, and for those interested in the important stuff about California's gubernatorial-hopeful debate, check here to get the psychic take on the spectacle. It seems that Ahnuld got the all-important space alien endorsement.

I'm not Ahnuld, but I'll Be Back anyhow.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:04 AM