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September 29, 2003
Still war

We don't hear more news from Afghanistan because the national press doesn't have many reporters there. I predict that the resurgence of Taliban activity is going to increase reader/viewer interest in the country, but not, of course, unless there's a reporter there to write about it.

As you all know now, the report is in and there was no proof that Hussein had new WMD under development. I haven't said much in the past few months about the WMD issue but the truth is that most of the world believed Hussein had WMD or had them under construction. As it turns out, this was one of the biggest con jobs in the history of international politics.

"The absence of proof that chemical and biological weapons and their related development programs had been destroyed was considered proof that they continued to exist,"

That's not, if you want to be fair, a really stupid assumption. In fact, I'd imagine most people, lacking proof that something had been destroyed, would assume it continued to exist. The problem in this situation, as I think we all understand, is the gigantic rush the Administration was in to get on with a war in Iraq. They had a full-scale war against the precise kind of terrorists responsible for 9/11 underway, but they pushed it to the back burner to go after Iraq.

Since they decided to use the pretense of their "war on terrorism" as a rationale for invading Iraq, they're going to have to pay the price as their clumsily constructed lies fall apart. This is in large part due to their own stupid blindness. For instance, backing convicted criminal Chalabi to head a new Iraqi government, a long-time pet project of some neo-cons, might come back and bite them. It seems that people outside that "inner circle" are already learning that the "evidence" of Hussein's WMD program, as supplied by Chalabi and others wasn't, shall we say, quite perfect.

On the other hand, it's worth remembering that the report of the Congressional committee was not unanimous. The problem with politicians is that it's hard to tell when they're working and when they're playing politics.

Although not of the MD variety, weapons continue to be found in the country.

And it's not like there isn't good news from the country, although I don't know if school-age kids would agree.

On the other hand, Strafor doesn't agree with the Administration position that we're not making war on Islam. Okay, maybe there's some semantic hair-splitting between "Islam" and "the Islamist world" but it's one of those differences that makes almost no difference.

Maureen Down tells us of a truly ghastly new publishing effort - an apparent attempt to canonize Rumsfeld.

As the major players decry the "complete failure" of the WTO conference in Cancun, it seems there are a few dissenting opinions on the subject.

Me, I always read Krugman in the NYT. I think he's interesting and thought-provoking. This truthout article about him is equally interesting.

Accustomed to the vigorous ivy league tradition of calling a stupid argument a stupid argument (and isolated, at home in New Jersey, from the Washington dinner-party circuit frequented by so many other political columnists) he has become pretty much the only voice in the mainstream U.S. media to openly and repeatedly accuse George Bush of lying to the American people: first to sell a calamitous tax cut, and then to sell a war.

Ahh, forget it. My heart just isn't in this today.

And I don't care what anyone else says, I'm eagerly anticipating the debut of the new Dr. Who series. I don't know when it will show up in the USofA, but I'll be watching. And I do not want to see an "Americanized" version of the show.

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