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October 02, 2003
Well, well, well

Via Avedon Carol (who got there via Mark and isn't the internet a weird and wonderful place?), a little more, no, a lot more about our spending in Iraq. This is the kind of thing I'd like to see our candidates debating. It's not that I object to Iraqis receiving universal health care benefits. I just wonder why those in need here at home aren't entitled to the same thing. And don't forget to read down to the part where Bush's campaign initiative, "No Child Left Behind" is getting the guts cut out of it.

We all know that Saddam Hussein kicked the U.N. weapons inspectors out of Iraq in 1998, which is what led up to the current crisis. Or did he?

Soldiers are dying in Iraq. And being attacked every hour, it seems.

And the Administration continues to display its incompetence at nation-building.

It's like a drinking game at our house (except without the alcohol since we're not drinkers). Shrieking gratuitous produce placement alert! at those casual references to brand name references sprinkled into movies and television shows.

And, for the record? That new crop of commercials recycling everything from Elvis to some of the worst songs of the 80s? I'm never buying any of that stuff. And that goes double for any company using old Beatle's tunes to shill their products.

Okay, moving on.

If there's a "good way" to handle the kinds of allegations Schwarzenegger is facing, this is probably it.

Warning, mini-rant follows.

A good reason to be against California's Proposition 54 is the man behind it. Always check who is funding an initiative if you want to know the real intent behind it.

This is a man who wasn't "convinced ethnic studies reflected "a sound academic curriculum rather than the political correctness mindset' " but who, as a member of the California Board of Regents, apparently failed to, I don't know, do something productive like having the course of study objectively reviewed and accepting suggestions for improvement.

Add that to his symbiotic relationship with former governor Wilson and his attachment to Ronald Reagan and you have someone steeped in ultra-conservativism, the exact part of our society most opposed to leveling the playing field for women and minorities.

I'm just saying, okay? If you want to know how "equally" we're learning to treat each other, then you have to measure. You can't just announce that we've had affirmative action for decades now and everything is hunky-dory and we're tired of it.

While the majority of our prison population is minority citizens, while a disproportionate number of minority black men choose the armed forces as their only access to a better future, and while the overwhelming majority of people in posts of power in this country are still old, white guys, you can't say the playing field is level.

Not everyone of minority background is going to find wealthy Republican mentors to give them a leg up in the world. I applaud this guy's personal success but I don't see why he should use it to block the ability of others to achieve the same thing.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:20 PM