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October 06, 2003
Good news, bad news

The good news is that the press is finally concentrating on Schwarzenegger's actual political history. The bad news, as you'll see from the link, is that it's the alternative press and most California voters aren't going to be seeing this before they walk into the polling booth.

Face it, the man really doesn't have a plan for California. He just wants to be in office and that's a lousy reason to elect someone. He's an egomaniac. (Reading that reputed "admiration for Hitler" quote closely proves it. He didn't want to be be Hitler. He didn't even care about Hitler, as is obvious to anyone paying attention to the words. The image Arnie was focused on was being surrounded by thousands upon thousands of adoring fans.)

Fortunately, even though "groping" isn't what I think is really wrong with him as a candidate, the "groping" accusations do, at least, seem to be making some voters think twice and might be enough to keep him out of office.

(I'm not concerned with the "groping" charges in the same way others seem to be. Was it disgusting? Yes, without question. But let me tell all of you little nafs living in fantasyland that that's what life is like on a movie set, and a surprising number of television show sets, okay?

Sexism, discrimination, and on-going harassment are facts of life for women working in that industry and those of you who don't know it need to wake up and smell the greasepaint. Those women, for the most part, have to 'go along to get along.' It's the climate of the industry and Arnold, under those circumstances, is no more a "predator" than a few thousand other men in LA. All Arnold is guilty of is ambition. Even if he'd felt such behavior was wrong, and it's pretty clear he didn't, at the time, he didn't want to upset his own burgeoning career by making waves.)

Overseas, bad news for the USofA is frequently good news for others.

Good sense won out over faux patriotism in the squabble over a cellular phone system for Iraq.

On the other hand, it's bad news all around when governments shut down newspapers and demand that citizens read only pro-government propaganda. (Fortunately, in spite of the ditto-heads and knee-jerk 'patriots' in this country, we don't yet suffer from this Zimbabwe's problem.)

It's also bad news for the USofA when Russia is so worried about the mess we're creating in Iraq that they're publicly discussing their own failures to illustrate the danger we're in.

It's very bad news for Bush's "roadmap" that Israel seems determined to start a war. They've shelled Syria in a pre-emptive strike on terror. Nice to see the world follwing our example, I guess.

The old road map is "in tatters" because of...wait for it...inconsistency. This administration? Inconsistent? Who'd have believed it?

(Not that Israel didn't have provocation, of course. But I wonder which side we'll come down on?)

The Moscow Times takes a few amusing potshots at two-percent Dick Cheney.

There's a potential for really good, or really bad news depending on what happens with the critical cases the Supreme Court will be hearing this term. (And another story.) As you might suspect, the gerrymandering and campaign finance are the two I'll be watching the most closely. (As far as hte Pledge goes, just yank out those two words, since they ruin the scansion of the verse anyhow, or return to any of several of the earlier, non-religious versions.)

As Ralph Nader points out, Bush-the-President is the man Bush-the-governor ran against in Texas, proving that Arnie's not the only opportunist in the public eye at the moment (if anyone doubted it).

And there's yet more bad news for Bush as yet another ethics scandal struggles to surface. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of crooks.

Are Senate Republicans starting to eat their own young? Well, of course not. But they're eying each other with 'lean andangry looks' which, quite honestly, does my heart good.

Here's a cursory scandal scorecard for those having trouble figuring out the patterns. Safire also takes a stab at explaining leaks.

Finally, I can't speak for today's students, but I was the victim of an early version of this "game" and it made a lasting impression on me.

In the earlier version, the "game" was simpler merely an attempt to illustrate to twelve year-olds how it feels to be "shunned" or "unpopular." Unfortunately, it was played without the targeted students being told what was going on, so rather than learning a lesson about intolerance, I and the others chosen as the "shunned," who were not, in fact, the class bullies or the "popular" kids, but kides already familiar with being, as it were, on the "outside," were simply taught that grown-ups were randomly mean and hostile and friends not always trustworthy.

Somehow, I'm not sure that's the lesson that was intended.

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