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October 07, 2003
It's Here!

Yep, the circus is in town. It's time for the distasteful, disgraceful recall vote in California to get underway. It could be an echo of Election 2000, if a really close race requires a close count of absentee ballots drags things out for a few extra weeks.

Yes, I think most places count absentee ballots, but not all of them do and certainly not if an election isn't close. I used to "vote by mail" but I'm thinking of going to the polls again because I'm starting to wonder if my vote is being counted.

It's not that I think any particular election would have gone differently or anything, it's just that I think if someone is elected, they should know how much of the vote they got, or didn't get. I think counting every vote is important.

Wherever WMD show up next, we can probably blame the Pentagon for it.

Alternet is right. This NYT article on wasteful spending in Iraq is well worth reading.

I heard about this story on the way home last night. It's hard to believe that a man who was as big a monster as we've been told still has so much support, but there you go. There are dittoheads in every culture and they have to follow someone. (Yes, I know all about the Sunni Shi'ite problem, so don't write and explain I'm oversimplifying the problem. You know how I feel about people who use superstition as a reason to kill each other.)

And some problems don't offer easy solutions. You can't tell the soldiers not to shoot back. You can't leave Saddam loyalists running around the country in huge numbers, not when you failed to apprehend Saddam himself. And you cannot kill hundreds of innocent bystanders if you have any desire at all to win the support of the people. It would be hell to be a soldier in any war, much less one like this.

Okay, nothing we're actually doing seems to be winning the support of the Iraqi people, but it's a complex society with a bitter history. Creating a propaganda czar isn't going to change that. Nor is anything else this Administration is doing. The bottom line is that they (the White House) have no idea what they're doing in Iraq.

Graham is dropping out of the race. That's a shame. In spite of his lower standing in the polls, I thought he was one of the better candidates for the nomination and the White House.

Is there a war on the poor? Well, yeah, there is. There are those, mentioning no names of anyone in the White House or their friends and advisors, who think the way to deal with poverty is to make empty speeches and buy a few more bombs.

Krugman is on firm ground today as he discusses economics. Very interesting column.

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