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October 08, 2003
Well, except for these items

We know who lied then, but who's lying now, do you think? Is Rumsfeld going down?

And did we or didn't we? We'll probably never know.

The bottom line on the Bush Administration's regressive 'moral' objections to abortion is that they're willing to kill people to defend their position and they don't much care how many people. After all, the dead people are all women and they're all poor. What do they matter? (Actually, I guess poor people of either gender are pretty irrelevant when stacked up against a useless and outdated prudery.

It's like Iraq. We'd like the money and troops from other countries, but we don't think that entitles them to a say in what happens.

And, speaking of Iraq, the WMD are still MIA but if you have enough SA-7s, they'd probably do the trick. Someone has the SA-7s, we just don't know who.

It's the New Republic (by blogdom's own Daniel Drezner) against The Weekly Standard (William Kristol). Contrasting views brought to us by the CBS news website.

And it looks like K Street has been convinced that Big Business needs to help the Republicans get Bush's judiciary nominees through.

Someone in Canada thinks the media's silence on l'affaire Plame is verrrry suspicious. Even now, when it appears that the story has finally captured the media's attention, Zerbisias points out that the attention in question is the media's usual incestuous (my word) fascination with itself and not, in fact, any kind of journalistic probing into what actually happened.

Someone else in Canada is arguing that the right to marry the consenting adult human of your choice isn't a "human rights" issue at all. I agree with him, in the terms he's phrased his argument.

My biggest problem with this letter of complaint to Colin Powell is the way the writer seems to be blaming Powell personally for what they think the USofA State Department did in 1948. Other than that, it's an interesting view of an Israeli perspective of the current land wars.

And this is an interesting perspective of Bush's re-election prospects.

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