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October 16, 2003
Bush Don't Read

It's old news by now that Bush doesn't read the newspapers, and that at least when traveling the televisions on Air Force One are set to play sports programs or tapes of earlier games instead of news programs, but Helen Thomas smacks him for it anyhow.

He probably hasn't heard about the seventy-four children recently rescued from a life of slavery, either. I doubt anyone wants to distract him from fighting bad guys by bringing up the plight of unimportant children of non-voting parents.

Do you suppose anyone on his staff read about, and told him about, Russia's declaration that they've decided they, too, are entitled to wage preemptive war should they think it's necessary?

I'm sure people read this poll but I'm not sure anyone bothered to tell him about it. I doubt he'd understand the feelings of people who actually wind up, you know, fighting.

Do you suppose anyone at all in a position of responsibility read this man's resume before they decided to stick him in an empty seat at the DoD? The man's certifiable, okay?

He probably won't be reading the blog covering the sniper trial, either.

(Speaking of blogs, this is an interesting experiment but it's hardly the radical departure that the article tries to imply. For one reason and another, I spent some time surfing the websites of small-to-medium sized cities a few months ago and I found that quite a few of them used "citizen" blogs in their "local" or "lifestyles" sections.)

I doubt he's read any of the stories musing over historical parallels for the USofA's recent invasion of Iraq, either.

Do you suppose that he or anyone he appointed has read about and thought about the need for some really sensible welfare reform?

Aside from all of that, I think Maureen Dowd went too far, far too far, in trying to tie Bush in to that fraudulent letter-writing campaign. There's no evidence, not even a hint of a suggestion, that such a thing is true. On the other hand, if I lived in Nethercutt's district, I'd make sure he lost the next election in a landslide:

On Monday, Representative George Nethercutt Jr., a Republican from Washington State who visited Iraq, chimed in to help the White House: "The story of what we've done in the postwar period is remarkable. It is a better and more important story than losing a couple of soldiers every day." The congressman puts the casual back in casualty.

That's an unconscionable remark and grossly insensitive to the thousands of family members and friends who have lost loved ones.

And it looks like in the case of Monsanto vs Europe, Europe has won. Europeans won't have to worry so much about Monsanto's genetically engineered seeds for a while.

Finally, the Geneva Accords may not be a perfect solution, but they are unquestionably the work of representatives (authorized or otherwise) from both sides of the Palestine-Israel conflict and as such, as the sole example of cooperation from the two sides, deserve serious consideration. It may just be that bypassing "politics as usual" and going directly to the two populations with copies of the Accords is exactly what's needed.

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