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October 17, 2003
If you're feeling intellectual

Or if you might want to improve the shining hours of the upcoming weekend with a bit of exercise for your brain, I recommend any of the following:

Grotesque Inequality

There is something profoundly wrong with a world in which the 400 highest income earners in the United States make as much money in a year as the entire population of 20 African nations -- more than 300 million people.

Geneva accord gives a glimmer of hope

Some key Palestinians and Israelis have managed to pull the rug from underneath the feet of the lethargic Bush administration, which many here believed has decided to "disengage" from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, when they disclosed a seemingly far-reaching draft peace agreement.

Noble lies and perpetual war: Leo Strauss, the neo-cons, and Iraq

Are the ideas of the conservative political philosopher Leo Strauss a shaping influence on the Bush administration’s world outlook? Danny Postel interviews Shadia Drury – a leading scholarly critic of Strauss – and asks her about the connection between Plato’s dialogues, secrets and lies, and the United States-led war in Iraq.

Brooks No Argument

A closer look at the Times' newest columnist

House Rules

This week, in the face of mounting domestic and international heat, the House of Saud promised to allow elections for local councils in Saudi Arabia's 14 municipalities. If they take place as planned next year (and you never know), the elections will be the first in the kingdom's history.

But today, just for fun, run over and read Mark. Slap A Condom On The Vatican
They say condoms kill. Meanwhile, millions die of AIDS. Can the Catholic Church be stopped?

It quietly apologizes to the victims while in the same breath slaps homosexuality and pedophilia as unforgivable sins, even as countless pairs of young male feet shuffle from bed to bed after lights-out at the local seminary. Apparently, there is no Latin root for "staggering hypocrisy."

I know, I know, you're tired of hearing it, but you really should subscribe to the Morning Fix. You get stuff they don't put on the official site.

Don't use your work e-mail, though. Even the Fix's Disclaimer could get you into trouble.

== Disclaimer == Because if you don't do it no one else will. Because if you do do it someone else won't. Because there is nothing truly preventing you from saturating yourself in the hot steamy goodness of why the hell not. Please please please, knock it off with the spitting. If this is not what you expected, please alter your expectations. No such thing as random coincidence. No such thing as small change. No such thing as too much lubricant.

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Anyhow, if you don't subscribe, you'll never get to read the Mullet Haiku and I ain't telling you what today's is, okay?

(P.S. Read this article on computer/human interaction in the healthcare world just because it's interesting.)

Posted by AnneZook at 01:49 PM


I don't always get to my Morning Fix right away, but I've made a separate in-box folder just for the missives. Mark Morford is wonderful, despite the occasional fatphobia.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at October 18, 2003 09:07 AM

I guess we all find what we're looking for, or sensitive to, in what we read. :) I don't suppose I ever noticed a single remark about weight in his stuff, but then I've only been reading it for about a month.

Posted by: Anne at October 20, 2003 10:04 AM