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October 22, 2003
The good, the bad, and the alien

If you're interested in the question of the so-called ' partial birth abortion,' (the procedure is actually called, " Intact dilation and extraction" by everyone but the scaremongers) recently and most unconstitutionally banned by the Senate, I suggest you read this Salon article. It's not entirely pro- or anti-abortion and does contain, I warn you, some fairly graphic descriptions of abortion which might upset those of you who try not to think about it, but at least it's not some wild-eyed rant full of inaccurate diagrams of doctors killing babies.

Did ya ever notice that the anti-abortion people who are always up in arms about 'saving innocent lives' don't generally seem to feel the same way about life after birth? I mean, I don't see any of these right-to-lifers organizing massive protests and lobbying for legislation against new ways of killing anyone who's over a foot tall.

I know you've all seen it by now, but I have to admit that reading Rumsfeld's memo makes me think he's not as dumb as he acts in public. At least he understood that he needed to ask the questions, okay? And he asked the commanders in the field, always a good place to start.

And we're building a permanent prison in Guantanamo, confirming that we intend to be holding people there for years to come.

We're sure unpopular in Australia these days.

The bad news is that there's a polio outbreak in Nigeria...and the disease is spreading.

The good news is that we live in a world where this can happen. 30,000 citizens of tiny Ecuador are suing multi-national giant Texaco for polluting their country's water sources and rainforest. Here's CNN's take on the story.

Those groping stories, or at least the ethics of having published them days before the election continue to be debated.

I already knew about DeLay's attempt to do his Bacardi contributors friends a favor, but I still enjoyed Molly Ivins' take on the subject.

And if you haven't read Kristof on the Bush Administration and the Illiad, you really should.

Bush-hating is another topic that doesn't seem to go away. Naturally there's a comparison to Clinton-hating and I still think that's a bad analogy. The Right attacked Clinton for having sex and for (as it turned out) not making money on an investment. The Left's attack on Bush is about starving social programs (and the poor) out of existence and dead people in Iraq.

Frankfurt has my sympathy. Some UsofA schools, chronically starved by a population that thinks talking about quality education is all it takes, started selling advertiser access to students years ago.

Even people (and corporations) who really care about protecting the planet find it difficult.

In Uncivil Society, a WaPo OpEd, there's an argument that Republicans are sinking the USofA's already abused political processes to new depths.

I missed this one before, but from Oct 16, here's Will Durst explaining how Limbaugh's problems were caused by a librul conspiracy agin him. It's all the fault of, brace yourself, those evil Clintons!

Here's Dick Meyer from CBS talking about intolerance. And, yes, Boykin comes into it.

Also, I'd suggest living until 2025, if you have a choice, okay? Because we'll find the aliens by then.

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